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Trendz Consignment Boutique has a sibling

By Magda Dakin

Tracy DeRienzo, owner of Trendz Consignment Boutique, has made something great even better. Her very popular clothing and accessories consignment shop for women and teens has sprouted a sister store right next door, featuring furniture, home décor and vintage pieces. The new store, Trendz Boutique, reflects store owner Tracy DeRienzo’s love for beautiful, creative antiques and handcrafted items, featuring restorations... Read More

Galliford’s, at Southwick’s Zoo, ʽjust want the Valley needed!’

By Rod Lee

It early returns are any indication, the Brewer family’s foray into the food and beverage business with Galliford’s at Southwick’s Zoo is going to be a huge success.

The 22,000-square foot year-round restaurant and tavern, which opened in February, is already winning praise.

“Galliford’s is just what the Valley needed!,” Jeannie Hebert, president of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, told the Blackstone... Read More

Blackstone Valley Shelter has opened its doors to those in need

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

“God has been tapping me on the shoulder for the past ten years,” says Leslie Reichert, member of the United Presbyterian Church in Whitinsville.

Situations and certain people kept dropping into her vision, as though calling her to take action.  The only problem was, the situations were a lot easier to ignore, and caused a few arguments with the Big Guy, especially when she drove down Hill Street. “Why... Read More

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