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Darrah Pond

Thomas D'Agostino

Roy Memorial Park in Litchfield, New Hampshire, features ample playgrounds, two baseball/softball diamonds, soccer field and a talent hall. In the summer months Litchfield residents can enjoy fishing, swimming and boating in Darrah Pond within the confines of the park.

Darrah Pond is the showcase of this quaint little park in many ways, one of... Read More

Don’t just stand there! Volunteer Dudley!

By Janet Stoica

It’s safe to say we all realize people seem to have less time to devote to community service.  We’re all busy, we’re working, maybe working two jobs we’re taking care of our children, we’re taking care of our grandchildren, we’re too busy. Let someone else do it. What if there wasn’t anyone else to do it? Would our town governments grind to a halt? Unfortunately, yes, they would. Many of our local town... Read More

Amish craftsmen help Charlton Furniture rise above

By Rod Lee

Mention “the Amish” and the first images that come to mind are horse-drawn carriages being guided along back country roads by devout, stern-faced people in simple clothing who resist notions that they should modernize their way of life.

At family-owned and operated Charlton Furniture on Dresser Hill Road in Charlton, however, the Amish are known for the lovely hand-hewn home furnishings they are creating that have... Read More

Feb. 24, 2017 Blackstone Valley North

Feb. 10, 2017 Blackstone Valley South