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Aquarion’s safe and reliable water service will continue during COVID-19 Pandemic

Oxford, MA.  – March 20, 2020 – As COVID-19 continues to affect communities across its New England service area, Aquarion is committed to doing the essential work needed to ensure safe, reliable water service for customers during these challenging times, while also protecting the health and safety of its employees and customers.  Aquarion has implemented several measures to limit in-person employee interaction in its facilities, including a... Read More

Night Sweats and Howls

Living with Lincoln

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

I’ve never been a fan of co-sleeping with my dog. I’m a small person with a surprisingly large wingspan. I need to shift from hot to cool sheet-scapes throughout the night, not to mention, I’m a light sleeper. Lincoln’s size, collar jingle, and high self esteem (he would irrefutably take over the King) wouldn’t work. That said, our family’s sleep habits have become somewhat peculiar as we age. Our needs have... Read More

Attorney Joe Cove and his generation are ʽredefining retirement’

By Rod Lee

Like many of today’s senior citizens, Uxbridge Attorney Joseph C. Cove is still working at the age of sixty-nine.

This is not to say he isn’t thinking about retiring. He looks forward to having more time for gardening and salmon fishing in Canada, which are two of his passions.

So too, however, is law, which he has practiced for forty-four years, dating back to the mid-1970’s.

Mr. Cove could probably... Read More

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