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Addiction recovery center offers in-person support

By Barbara Van Reed

COVID has captured the headlines and public consciousness for the last six months, making it more difficult for addiction recovery providers and support programs to break through the news cycle.

The Rev. Janice Ford, who heads up the Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center in Webster, notes that the coronavirus has been hard on everyone, but for people struggling with alcohol or opioid addiction it has been... Read More

Kids’ cancer fundraiser at Erich’s Cutting Edge in Oxford

By Janet Stoica

Donations are slower this year for Erich’s Cutting Edge owner Donna Dion, but she’s hoping that a last-minute appeal for people to come by her shop to take a chance, get a haircut, or make a contribution to the kids cancer fund One Mission of Boston Children’s Hospital will help the cause.

“Business is down, so it’s difficult,” said Ms. Dion, “Maybe if I have a donation box or donate all my haircut sales... Read More

Stinkin’ Lincoln

Living with Lincoln

By Amy LeClaire

It was bound to happen. Still, nothing could have prepared us for the scene or, more truthfully, the scent of the incident. We had been chilling around the campfire on a cool September night. Lincoln rested on the ground in typical stalk position, paws outstretched at a casual number eleven while he awaited the sight of a bunny. A Senior Pet, Lincoln has lost the will to chase and pounce. Instead, he gallops across the... Read More

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