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African Concert at Cornerstone Church, Uxbridge

Cornerstone Church, E. Hartford Ave, N. Uxbridge will host a free African Concert on January 28th @ 6:30 p.m.
Join them for an evening of songs and stories from Africa!  UrbanPromise International and Cornerstone Church are excited to offer a night of African music and stories by the UrbanPromise International fellows choir. 
The... Read More

Charniak Insurance ʽProgressive’ in more ways than one

By Rod Lee

A first look at the brick-faced front of 274 Main Street in Webster is all it takes to realize that the three-story building is one of the downtown’s oldest structures—as well as one of its most strikingly conspicuous; it stands out, in part, because of its position next to a parking lot.

The Charniak family bought the property from Henry and Bessie Stayman in the early 1980s as the new home for Charniak Insurance... Read More

So you bought a haunted house - Part 1

By Thomas D'Agostino

The title may sound a bit amusing, but to those who have actually bought or rented a house that is still tenanted by its former inhabitants, it can be a most frightening experience. Houses that are haunted can pass from one party to another many times without the thought or notion of there being a ghost or two. Sometimes the spirits lay dormant... Read More

Time off

Molly Maid of Southeast Worcester County

Jan. 12, 2018 Blackstone Valley South

Blackstone Valley North Dec. 22, 2017