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Whitinsville Wellness Center celebrates first year at new location


By Magda Dakin

The Spa at Whitinsville Wellness Center last week celebrated the first anniversary at its new location on the second floor of the Milford Federal Savings Bank, 1271 Providence Road, by hosting a huge Open House event. If you’ve never been, the spa’s surprisingly serene environment will relax you immediately. Spa owner Robin Allen said the Open House was a way to honor her customers and let them know their loyalty is... Read More

They are telling stories

Meet the local authors publishing e-books

By Magda Dakin

For centuries the endless thirst for knowledge and entertainment has been satisfied by reading books, but the face of how we get and read those books has changed dramatically just in the last few years.

What’s changed is that e-books now account for nearly half of all fiction book sales. The e-book market grew exponentially from 10 million copies in 2008 to 457 million and continues to expand.

The... Read More

Feb. 15, 2015 Blackstone Valley
February 1, 2015 Route 395 Edition

The Fall chill is setting in and the Winter cold will be biting at our fingers and ears before long.  This time of year is particularly hard for those without shelter or struggling to provide their families with warm clothing.  Contribute to your local Hats for Hope organization and... Read More