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Granville’s Pub: Second Ghost Hunt

By Thomas D’Agostino

The town of Spencer lies on the outer boundary of the Blackstone Valley. Although not technically part of the region, it is still rich in history in regard to being a once thriving mill village. The mills are long gone but the old timers will tell you tales of how their parents and grandparents toiled in the long-gone edifices.

Many would leave the mill after a long day at work and pay a visit to one of the... Read More

Charlton’s Mike Pelletz dreams big at Dreamland Wax Museum

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Charlton’s Mike Pelletz, Founder of SafeHer, a woman-only rideshare launched worldwide in February 2016, has his hands behind the wheel for a fascinating, new opportunity as vice president of sales for Boston’s new Dreamland Wax Museum. Located on 1 Washington Mall in central Boston, open 365 days a year, the premier wax museum, located a few steps from The Freedom Trail, is a dream come true for artists,... Read More

Dudley Lions’ car show roars in its 23rd year

By Rod Lee

It was easy to see, entering the parking lot of Mapfre Insurance on Gore Road in Webster on a warm Sunday morning in late September, why the “Yesteryear Car Show” is the Dudley Lions Club’s major fundraiser.

Vintage automobiles, one hundred ninety of them in all, sitting pretty. Including a whole row of Mustangs clustered side by side as if their owners were trying to make a statement of solidarity or maybe just say “... Read More

Oct. 13, 2017 Blackstone Valley Xpress

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