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Fuller Automotive

100 years of treating customers like family

By Becky Harvey

AUBURN - After a year spent celebrating its 100th anniversary serving customers in the Worcester and surrounding areas, Fuller Automotive isn’t resting on its laurels.  They still “work hard (to) be good to people” every day. Those are the words by which the Fuller family has built a comprehensive automotive enterprise that has lasted so long.  Now that the celebration is complete, the great-grandsons of the man who... Read More

Letting go of road rage

By Barbara Van Reed

If there was anything that could enrage Christina Galeone, it would be to see someone driving recklessly. “I’d get really angry about that,” she says.

But there finally came a day when she thought: “This time I’m going to let it go. It is stupid to bring this rage forward and have it affect other people too.”

What followed was a poem entitled “The Road Ahead.” It invites forgiveness to replace the rage... Read More

Feb. 15, 2015 Blackstone Valley
February 1, 2015 Route 395 Edition

The Fall chill is setting in and the Winter cold will be biting at our fingers and ears before long.  This time of year is particularly hard for those without shelter or struggling to provide their families with warm clothing.  Contribute to your local Hats for Hope organization and... Read More