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Crave Mead – a historical hard beverage for a new age

By Magda Dakin

Perhaps man’s earliest hard beverage, mead has a rich history, and has been seeing a resurgence in recent years. Mead has a delicate, yet rich, taste that is made in the same way as wine, using honey instead of grapes or other fruits. Meaderies are classified as wineries and represent about 2.5% of all wineries in the US.

So if you’ve been watching the latest period TV show or thinking about what to drink at a... Read More

All hail Capitol’s wonder workhorse

By Rod Lee

Capitol Siding can count its lucky stars that Alfred “Al” Hall didn’t become a schoolteacher, which was his original intent.

  “My parents didn’t have enough money to send me to college,” Mr. Hall said of his dad, a toolmaker, and his mom, a housewife, over coffee on July 8th at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Southbridge St. in Auburn—a regular morning stop.

A son of Worcester’s Belmont Hill (he attended Belmont Street... Read More

The Orleans Inn

By Thomas D’Agostino: From Haunted Massachusetts.

It was July 19, 2006. The day was dismal and wet. The thunder echoed through the harbor and the rain came down in sheets. Arlene and I were traveling through Cape Cod researching our book Haunted Massachusetts, a book that would be used for various documentaries and television series. Our next stop would be the Orleans Inn. Once inside the inn, it was a whole different atmosphere. Ed... Read More

July 15, 2016, Route 20 South County

July 8, 2016 Blackstone Valley South

July 1, 2016, Rt. 12 South County

June 24, 2016, Blackstone Valley North