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Ask the Vet

What can I do about my pet’s nasty teeth?

Dear Dr. Guay,

I have an awful problem trying to brush my dog’s teeth. My 8 year old female is so bad she refuses to open her mouth and puts up a fight. I tried a dog tooth brush and finger brush, and special dog biscuits from the vet.  Her teeth are now really bad and the vet wants to do surgery to clean them but I can't afford the cost. Is there an easier way to get this done?


Short answer?  No.

Heart Disease in Animals

By Dr. Kelly Wofenson Guay

Most diseases that affect humans also affect our animal friends.  Heart disease is no different.  There are many similarities, most importantly, if caught early, and proper medication therapy initiated, many patients are able to maintain years of good quality life.  Just like people, keeping fit, and eating healthy foods is important to heart health.  High sodium intake can be risky also.   

It's time to test for heartworm

by Dr. Kelly Wolfenson Guay

Spring is coming!  Time for great rejoicing after such a frigid winter, right?  Unfortunately, as spring arrives, so do many pesky critters that want to make you and your pets unhealthy, such as mosquitos, which can transmit heartworm disease, and ticks, which carry Lyme disease as well as other diseases.  Today we’ll focus on heartworm disease.  Cats and dogs are both susceptible to heartworm disease, which can be fatal and is preventable!