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60th Annual Strawberry Festival June 18

By Becky Harvey

It’s been pretty hot lately, and to most that might indicate that summer has arrived, but in Dudley it’s not really summer until the annual Strawberry Festival has come.  For the past sixty years, the people of Dudley and the surrounding towns could always find fun and deliciousness on the third Thursday of June at 4:00 p.m. and lasting “until the last strawberry is gone.”  This year, that makes the annual... Read More

Indian Princess launched on Webster Lake

(June 13 – Webster, MA) The Indian Princess, a modern day replica of the passenger riverboats that traveled the Mississippi River in the late 19th century, was launched this morning on Webster Lake. The boat, owned by Webster Ventures, will undergo standard inspections and then be ready to take on passengers later this summer.

“We’re thrilled that this has finally come to fruition,” said Chris Robert, president of... Read More

Rossi’s Cleaners: the ins and outs of dry cleaning

By Janet Stoica

OXFORD -- Do you want your jeans to last longer?  Then don’t wash them!  That’s the advice of Arthur Rossi, owner of Rossi’s Cleaners.  “You can dry clean jeans for 20 years and not notice any fading as dry cleaning is not as harsh as laundry detergents,” said Mr. Rossi of Rossi’s Cleaners, a well-established, local dry cleaner located on Route 12 in North Oxford. 

“The recycled-chemical cleaning sys... Read More

What you don’t know can really hurt you

By Keith Carpenter

When it comes to your website, the information you are not looking at can hurt you when it comes to turning your website into a lead producing machine. In this column, I want to help you understand why you need to have some type of analytics in place on your website, even if you’re not interested in keeping an eye on it right now. It will come in handy later…trust me.

So, if you have a website now... Read More

The Old Wedderburn Mansion

By Thomas D’Agostino from “Haunted Rhode Island”

Some legends come from a time or place that cannot be traced. In Narragansett, Rhode Island, sits the remains of an old estate that at one time revealed wealth. Some have attributed this next story to that relic but the actual location of this story, if at all true, remains a mystery.

Japheth Wedderburn was a successful merchant who lived in a four-story mansion by th... Read More

It’s Time For Ticks

By Dr. Kelly Wolfensen Guay

As you enjoy the warmth of spring, don’t forget that others are enjoying it too… Unfortunately, the onset of warm weather also means outdoor pests are emerging after a long New England winter.  Read on if you don’t mind a little spring bad news, and learn to keep your pets healthier.  Ticks are found in all corners of the world, none more harmfully than Southern New England.  Ticks can carry ill... Read More

June is for Strawberries

By Becky Harvey

Though the ability to find pick-your-own strawberries seems to be dying out here in the Bay State, the strawberries themselves are beginning to ripen on their stems in mouthwatering fashion.  It seems like such an old-time thing to do: gathering the family and heading out to the local farm to fill buckets and baskets with red, ripe berries.  It may be old-fashioned, but it can be fun and rewarding: the succ... Read More

Books for Every Dad

Recommended reads by Deb Horan of Booklovers’ Gourmet, Webster, MA

Whether he enjoys real life adventures, historical events, biographical stories, following his favorite sports teams, brushing up on his skills or escaping into a thrilling mystery, there is a book out there for every Dad.

 The Wright Brothers, just released by two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough, tells th... Read More

A primer for write-in candidates: And it isn’t Mikey Mouse

By Ginger Costen

Although I’ve been an active voter for 46 years, it wasn’t until I became a member of the Webster Board of Registrars that I fully understood the importance of every vote in the election process. Voting has always been very serious to me and although it is just one vote… it’s my voice and together with other like-minded, concerned citizens we make a difference in how our local communities, states, and fede... Read More

Plea for Strawberry Volunteers

Dudley Grange #163 is looking for volunteers to help staff the Strawberry Festival on Thursday, June 18th. We are celebrating our 60th Annual Festival this year and your help is needed! Assistance is needed throughout all areas of the festival - selling food tickets, assisting with serving food, serving our famous, homemade Strawberry Shortcake and more. If you have enjoyed our festiv... Read More