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This is week 7 with clue 13

Clue #14--and all previous clues--appear at the businesses listed below. Good luck!

Aubuchon Hardware: WEBSTER and SOUTHBRIDGE
A&D Restaurant: MILLBURY
Al's Rubbish & Container Service: OXFORD address
Charlton Optical, CHARLTON
Daisy Print, WEBSTER
Douglas Animal Hospital, DOUGLAS
Felicia's Salon & Spa, UXBRIDGE
Fin & Feather Sports, UPTON
Generations Healing Center,... Read More

Buzz about town

Oxford Column, August 5, 2016

By Becky Harvey

Not everyone agrees about whether or not climate change is real.  People have been arguing both sides now for decades. Both sides may remain steadfast in their beliefs for decades to come. One thing that nobody can dispute is that no matter the global temperatures, honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate, around the globe.  This phenomenon is called “Catastr... Read More

Couet Farm & Fromagerie

By Magda Dakin

What happens when a highly motivated, recent, college graduate with a masters in Environmental Studies realizes the job market isn’t what she hoped it would be? In Marie-Laure Couet’s case she looked around to find something she might actually love to do, not just a job.  So in 2010, while volunteering at a goat dairy in Rehoboth, Mass., she was inspired by a fellow goat and cheese lover to create her own from... Read More

Alert Driving Academy Passes the “Parent” Test

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Seven years ago Alert Driving Academy of Main Street, Webster, began with a vision, a vehicle, and a business partnership.  Since then, the driving school, owned by Eric Marcoux and Jason Emanuelson, has doubled in size, while impacting 3,000 students with expert instruction, education, and friendship.

“I don’t have kids of my own.  My students are like my kids,” said Marcoux, who - during t... Read More

Grafton’s Business Scene – July 2016

by Christine Galeone

The lazy days of summer have arrived. They’ve sauntered in with their flip-flops, fireworks, beach towels and ice cream cones. But although Grafton has welcomed them, its businesses and organizations have been anything but lazy. This summer, there’s been a lot happening all over town. Organizations have been giving back to the community, celebrating major milestones and providing families with opportun... Read More

Houlden Farm, fantastic at 40

HM-For 7/22/16

By Rod Lee

Tour Houlden Farm’s approximately 50 rolling and tumbling acres on Old Westboro Road in North Grafton in a beat-up 2004 Yamaha Rhino with Tyler Houlden and you get some sense of how far the operation has come since opening for business in 1976.

What Howard and Ruth Houlden began forty years ago, and still own, is now a multi-dimensional enterprise consisting of the fresh-grown vegeta... Read More

Sclamo Home Furnishings

By Magda Dakin

If you like supporting local businesses and are in need of furniture and appliances, then you’ve probably heard of the Sclamo furniture and appliance stores. Started by Louis Sclamo in the early 70s downtown Worcester, the stores have long held a special place in the heart of local shoppers. Louis started off his business as a TV and appliance guy who also repaired what he sold, back in the day when televisi... Read More

Chef Elaine, UXLocale set to debut with a bang

By Rod Lee

If the work Founder and Chef Elaine Pusateri Cowan and her large family have put into readying UXLocale is any indication, the Blackstone Valley’s newest culinary destination is going to be a success.

As David Kmetz points out in a press release he prepared for her, Chef Elaine and a large contingent of relatives—“moms, uncles, aunts, all pushing 80 I might add, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends... Read More

AMF Auburn Lanes offers striking options for bowlers

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Eric Mahoney, General Manager of AMF Auburn Lanes, has a bowling average of 227 and a business that’s scoring even higher.  Elected into the Worcester County Bowling Association Hall of Fame in April, 2016 (for merit and service) AMF has up to thirty leagues designed for bowlers of all ages and ability levels.

“Every guest is treated like family here,” said Mahoney.  “We get to know them on a... Read More

Crave Mead – a historical hard beverage for a new age

By Magda Dakin

Perhaps man’s earliest hard beverage, mead has a rich history, and has been seeing a resurgence in recent years. Mead has a delicate, yet rich, taste that is made in the same way as wine, using honey instead of grapes or other fruits. Meaderies are classified as wineries and represent about 2.5% of all wineries in the US.

So if you’ve been watching the latest period TV show or thinking about what to d... Read More