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Linda Littleton, Artist for Hire

Interviews with Webster Dudley Business Alliance members

1. Please describe your business & what makes it unique.

I am a local artist who has a home studio. Giving lessons to adults and children is wonderful, seeing what can be created and how different we all interpret art. I also love doing consignment work and am interested in doing more of this. I do person work; homes, business, pet and boa... Read More

Chuck's Steak House:

by a Yankee diner

AUBURN – When I mentioned to a colleague my plan to review Chuck's Steak House, her face lit up and she said “I love that place, especially the salad bar with the onion soup.”

She's not alone. Chuck's is a popular place and on a recent Saturday evening we had to wait to be seated. It was just a short wait, though, and the lounge, with it's large bar,  fireplace, hand-painted murals, and pool table... Read More

Chicken Parmesan Dinner

The Uxbridge Softball Association is holding a fundraiser to help rebuild the concession stand that was damaged by a broken water pipe. The date of the dinner is Saturday, March 22 from 6-10 at The Polish American Hall on Route 16 in Uxbridge.  The cost of this event is $20 per adult. The dinner includes chicken, pasta, salad, bread and dessert. There will be raffles, a silent auction, and a D.J.. Please come help us “raise the r... Read More

Grocery Saga--revisited

by Ginger Costen

As a journalist, my first obligation is to present our readers with reliable and accurate facts written in a meaningful context. This “journalistic truth” is a process that begins with the professional discipline of assembling and verifying facts.

My first obligation as an equally devoted wife is to listen and never question what my husband is telling me, especially since he was born, raised and nev... Read More

Mount Washington

by Thomas D'Agostino

Mount Washington is the most prominent peak east of the Mississippi River, stretching 6,288 ft into the sky. The observatory atop Mount Washington recorded the world’s highest speed wind gust in 1934. That record stood until 1996. The mountain was also the first to have a Tip Top House. Adventurers would travel from the Glen House at the base of Mount Washington up to the Tip Top House, where they coul... Read More

Up and Running Technology:

by Becky Harvey

OXFORD - The world of computers and technology is one in which the landscape is always changing.  Things are fast paced and ever-reconfiguring, so it is nice when a local business that deals with these technologies is able to get a strong foothold and keep up with the moving times.  Up and Running Technology of Oxford is one of these small businesses that has been able to create a real place for itself.  Ow... Read More

Christopher Heights:

by Ginger Costen

Their website is full of bright colored photos showing seniors playing games, gardening, socializing and in general, having a good time. But what it doesn’t show is the incredible level of love, concern and respect that each staff member brings to work with them every day at the Christopher Heights in Webster. From the laughter in the “Klondike’s Pub” to the warmth from the fireplace in the waiting a... Read More

Should your pet be on a diet?

by Dr. Kelly Wolfenson Guay

Among other things, the holidays bring with them unwanted weight gain…you may have even made some New Year’s resolutions to help with yours… But what can you do for your pets? The first thing to do is consult with your veterinarian to figure out what your pet’s ideal weight is.  While you are waiting for your appointment, feel your pet’s ribcage.  Can you feel their ribs, but not see them?  Can... Read More

The Fishman?

by Melissa Dumont

The Fishman: that’s what he calls his business, but the services offered by Rich Chiras of Northbridge are much more extensive than that. It’s true he started with creating and maintaining aquariums, and at one time had over 500 clients, but he has intentionally reduced that number somewhat. “I wanted to spend more time with my wife,” he says, “and as you can imagine, with that many clients all over New E... Read More

Signature Finishes

NORTH GRAFTON – Ever envied a piece off lovely, unique hand-painted vintage or antique furniture?  If so, there’s now a place in North Grafton where you can make it your own.

Maureen Bane opened Signature Finishes at 202 Worcester Street in September, after several years of selling her painted furniture at antique malls in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The new store specializes in restored vintag... Read More