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Treating Caterpillar-Rash

By Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph
Literary caterpillars, like the hookah-smoking blue caterpillar in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, may be quite amusing.  But the recent outbreak of caterpillars across New England has been anything but entertaining, and even has some patients heading for the doctor.  If you have been outdoors at all in the past month or so you have probably seen some of these caterpillars falling from the t... Read More

Growing pains for the Oxford Business Association

By Rod Lee

Given its history including the role it has played in fostering civic pride, the Oxford Business Association should be a household name in the community—like that of Clara Barton.

Regrettably, that is not the case.

Surprise and disappointment, then, to find upon querying some members of Oxford’s merchants’ community that the OBA is a relative unknown. This despite a host of contributions the organi... Read More

65 years for Capitol Siding, Sarkisian family

By Rod Lee

Sixty-five years. Going back to the Eisenhower administration, Fats Domino, Frank Sinatra and Kate Smith, fallout shelters, black-and-white television and automobiles glistening with chrome.How many companies last that long, let alone under the stewardship of one family as is the case with Capitol Siding and the Sarkisians?To think that Mark Sarkisian Jr., successor with his brother Dale to the remarkable enterp... Read More

Charlton Landscape Supply – a colorful experience, a quality plant

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Outdoor plants seem to be cropping up everywhere.  One can find “Perennials for Sale” alongside the road, at the local grocery store, or at small local farms.  Pull over, pick out, pay the cashier, and pop in a plant has become the new rage for today’s busy green thumb.  What happened to the journey?  Shouldn’t choosing how to landscape one’s home be more than just a means to an end? 

Plants... Read More

Mr. Menard celebrates his 93rd birthday aboard the Indian Princess

On Sunday, May 29, Omer Menard, his wife Carolyn, and daughter Lisa Sharpe of Thompson, Connecticut, celebrated his birthday on the Indian Princess on Webster Lake. Omer is 93 years old, and several years ago began following the story of the Indian Princess.

Following the adventures of the Indian Princess for the last four years became Omer’s hobby, and he made a scrap book recording every fact on the Princess. The Indian... Read More

Wooed by the Food a rainy day hit

By Magda Dakin

Food and fun was the order of the day on Saturday, June 11, in the Whitin Park when hundreds and hundreds of people came to be part of the Whitin Community Center’s Wooed by the Food event. With two dozen food vendors and almost as many other event vendors it was a great place to spend the day, even with the mid-day showers.  Not much would dampen their spirits or as one mom of three said, “We’re here... Read More

The Blessing Barn in Mendon is mission-focused

By Rod Lee

Good to see that the former Mendon Country Gift Barn on Hastings St. is being put to constructive re-use as the site of Compassion New England’s second location for The Blessing Barn.

  A home store that brims with all kinds of furnishings, which are donated by the public, The Blessing Barn has been up an... Read More

Shared office space for remote workers comes to Oxford

By Barbara Van Reed

WDO SPOTLIGHT--The municipal-style building located at 351 Main Street near the center of Oxford served as a school house for many years, was transformed into office space, and soon will be the home of the first suburban location for Worcester-based Running Start Coworking. The company provides workspace for remote workers, freelancers, and independent staff on an as-needed basis.

Mark Marzeotti,... Read More

Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce joins local Chamber Solar Challenge

WHITINSVILLE, MA. – The Blackstone Valley Chamber announced that it has joined the new Chamber Solar Challenge to help local businesses save on energy costs and encourage economic development through solar energy. 

“The Chamber Solar Challenge provides a great opportunity to help our members cut costs and take advantage of the growing economic opportunities of solar energy,” said Chris Cooney, CCE, President and CEO of Met... Read More

Lyme Disease Lecture at the Grafton Public Library

Meet Michele Miller of the Central Mass Lyme Foundation at the Grafton Public Library on Monday, June 20 at 7:00 pm and learn what you can do to prevent Lyme disease and support those who suffer from it.  The Central Mass Lyme Foundation is an all-volunteer organization working to raise awareness, educate, teach prevention and provide support. The foundation has monthly meetings with guest speakers on not only how to prevent Lyme... Read More