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The Crown and Eagle Mill

by Thomas D’Agostino

The town of Uxbridge was incorporated on June 27, 1727. It was primarily an agricultural community, but the bountiful waters of the Blackstone River proved too fruitful to waste. Large mills began to pop up along the river and before anyone knew, Uxbridge was a manufacturing hub between the cities of Providence, Rhode Island, and Worcester, Massachusetts.

One mill of significant importance was t... Read More

Out of the Dirt

by Jason Poquette BPharm, R.Ph

Someone once said that “you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.”  Now a newly released study in the journal Nature suggests that the very same peck of dirt might actually be good for you too!  Well, that’s not exactly what the article said.  But scientists studying soil from a grassy field in Maine have made a breakthrough discovery in the field of antibiotics.  They... Read More

Peking Garden

Business Profile by Magda Dakin

SUTTON - Is Chinese food on New Year’s Eve a tradition in your family? Was it as good this year as you thought it would be?  At the Peking Garden, New Year’s Eve was, as we say in New England, “wicked busy.”  Owner and Chef Jian Lin said: “We have so many loyal customers who come back week after week and especially for their special occasions.” On New Year’s Eve a handwritten note on the doo... Read More

Oh the places you’ll go!

“When I started working as a travel agent twenty years ago I had to write out the tickets by hand,” says Mary Anne Fontaine. “It was awful, awful, awful.”

Professional travel agents have weathered a lot of changes in their industry in the last few decades, not the least of them that many web-savvy travelers consider agent roles obsolete in light of online ticket bookings.

However, as global travel becomes more compl... Read More

Harrington Moves to Lower Tier with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. – January 7, 2015 – Effective January 1, 2015, the Harrington Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) has moved to a lower cost tier on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts insurance plans, resulting in lower co-pays for those who use Harrington services.

The change is a result of Harrington’s recognition for its high quality performance and system-wide cost reductions. Harrington was one of 60 urban ho... Read More

H&R BLOCK Affordable Care Act Q&A Day

WEBSTER-  H&R Block will be hosting a FREE question & answer session regarding the tax implications of the Affordable Care Act, and how it may impact your tax return.  Information on topics such as: New tax forms, tax penalties, qualified health insurance, advanced health care credits, and reconciliation statements will be discussed.  Feel free stop in at the new location in the Millbrook Plaza on 41 Worcester Rd, Webster... Read More

Alternatives to offer Mental Health First Aid Training

You probably know how to respond when someone is experiencing a physical crisis, but do you know what to do in a mental health emergency? Alternatives, one of Central Massachusetts’ leading human service providers, is inviting all school personnel, clergy, and other interested members of the community to attend a training on Mental Health First Aid on Thursday, January 22 and Friday, January 23, 2015.

Early intervention is... Read More

Pleasant Street Church to kick-off 12- step Celebrate Recovery Program

BLACKSTONE VALLEY – The Pleasant Street Church in Whitinsville will launch a new weekly 12-step recovery program called Celebrate Recovery on Monday, January 19.

Celebrate Recovery is a Biblically-based 12-step program that uses the principles of the Beatitudes as the foundation for recovery.  It is designed to help heal a wide variety of habits and harmful behaviors, including dependency on alcohol and drugs, pornography,... Read More

Angels program serves children in need

Each year, Harrington HealthCare System participates in the “Angels” program to give back to those in need. Organized through Catholic Charities, Harrington receives a number of angel tags with a child’s name and clothing size, which are then distributed to our employees. Catholic Charities picks up all the gifts and gives them to families in need in Southbridge and surrounding areas. This year, Harrington gave clothing and shoes... Read More

Francis L. Kach DDS:

Business Profile by Magda Dakin

AUBURN - I love the silky smooth surface of my newly-cleaned teeth after having them done by the professionals. Your tongue keeps gliding along the surface and it makes you smile, all he better to show off your bright clean teeth. At Francis L. Kach D.D.S.P.C. General & Family Dentistry, located on Route 20, there are lots more reasons to make you smile: it is easy to find, has plenty of... Read More