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Home & Business Expo just weeks away

WHITINSVILLE – The 16th annual Home & Business Expo, organized by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, is just weeks away. The event will be held at the Northbridge High School Field House on Linwood Ave., on Saturday, March 1, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Each year several hundred vendors exhibit their products and services and thousands of visitors people come to see what's new and fun. The Best of Valley Chowd... Read More

Auditions January 8

Open auditions for "Jesus Christ Superstar" will be held at St. Joseph's Church, Charlton, MA. Wednesday, January 8 at 6:30 pm. All are welcomed; all roles available. If auditioning for a lead, please come prepared with a song for that particular character. Otherwise, a song from the show will be taught.

Alternatives trainings: mental health first aid

You probably know how to respond when someone is experiencing a physical crisis, but do you know what to do in a mental health emergency? Like First Aid or CPR, Mental Health First Aid is an important tool that enables you to help in a crisis situation and provide critical support until other treatment is available.

Alternatives, one of Central Massachusetts’ leading human service providers, invites all school personnel, c... Read More

The East Thompson “Crypt”

There is a piece of interesting history I recently had the honor of visiting. It all started with Webster, Mass., resident Clayton Harris telling Arlene and me about a strange crypt in East Thompson, Conn., sitting amidst other ruins of a farm just off of East Thompson Road. The accompanying legend states that the owner of the farm constructed the crypt for his daughter who died of a contagious disease. Being in the throes of win... Read More

Dudley Police Department Thanks You

The Dudley Police Department collected donations for needy families during the holiday season.  Many people and area businesses made generous donations to this worthwhile cause.  A large volume of toys, clothing, and other gifts were provided to Dudley residents who needed assistance during these difficult times.  Thanks to the generosity of those who donated, some 25 local families enjoyed the holiday season when they would have... Read More

Hometown Bank

“Wherever we open a branch office, we're the hometown bank,” says Joseph Klimavich, Hometown Bank's vice president of communication, with a smile on his face, obviously pleased that there are now six towns for which that's true. He's also happy to be gearing up the for bank's 125th anniversary celebration this year. 

Joe told us a little of the history: Now headquartered in Oxford, Hometown Bank was founded in Webster in 1... Read More

Fuller Automotive: celebrating 100 years in business

AUBURN - “Work hard and be good to people.” Those are the words by which the Fuller family has built a  comprehensive automotive enterprise that will be celebrating one hundred years in business all during 2014.

When it comes to an individual’s automotive needs, convenience is of utmost importance.  That is something that can be hard to come by in today’s world.  It seems that in order to get things done, we are often sent... Read More

The Black Dog of the Hanging Hills

Tales from Beyond
Just the name, “Hanging Hills” evokes trepidation as to what lies within the rocky crags of Meriden, Connecticut's, natural wonder. Do not let the name fool you: the Hanging Hills provide breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area. The East Peak is located in the 1,800-acre Hubbard Park where adventurers can ascend a thirty-two foot high tower called Castle Craig, built in 1900 fo... Read More

Next chapter: life in the fat lane

Eight weeks since surgery… 29 months since starting the Bariatric weight loss program… and the first Thanksgiving / Christmas season in twenty years that I haven’t gained weight. In fact, I’ve lost a total of 92 pounds since starting the program. No it hasn’t been easy – but it’s been worth every minute because I have more energy now than I’ve ever thought would be possible for me at the age of 63.

It’s been a month since... Read More

Enjoy the bubbles in your glass

The sound of corks popping is traditional with holidays and special occasions. But new brands have changed the perception of these products. Domestic sparklers, Cava, and especially Prosecco, have increased the use of these bubbly products throughout the year.

Prosecco, an Italian sparkler, began increasing in popularity during our recent recession. The affordable price point and fruit forward appeal have made this product... Read More