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What is Antibiotic Resistance?

By Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph

According to a recent statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) “Without urgent action, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill.”

Sounds scary; and it is. 

What WHO is referring to is something known as Antibiotic Resistance, and the consequence of this phenomenon is resulting in upwards of 23,0... Read More

New York, New York!

By Janet Stoica

Nina Zurawski is 11 years old but has lived a ballerina’s life since she was about three. Most recently she was part of The Nutcracker presented by Ballet Arts Worcester and the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, held at Worcester’s Hanover Theater from November 27-29.  Her ballet role was that of a Party Girl and Nina, a Dudley Middle School student, very much looked forward to the performance. 

“I r... Read More

Meet Mama Dolce’s new owner

By Ginger Costen

The next time you walk into Mama Dolce’s Café in Webster, you might not immediately notice that there’s a new girl in town. You might not notice because Darlene Mwangi, the new owner, and Nancie Zecco, the previous owner, seem to be so much alike.

First, they’re both Italian and love to cook. Next they’re both outgoing, energetic and love to talk. Wrap this all together with a passion for making oth... Read More

Caring Santa at Auburn Mall

Place: Macy’s Home Court
Auburn Mall will welcome local families to Caring Santa. Together Noerr Programs, Ability Patch & Simon will host Caring Santa, an event dedicated to providing families a subdued and welcoming environment for children with special needs to visit with Santa. Many... Read More

Bob Leclaire, MCU’s modern-day Methuselah

By Rod Lee

The success of Millbury Federal Credit Union could be measured by the nearly $300 million in assets that MCU had attained by late October; an eagerly anticipated milestone for the venerable financial institution.

A better barometer of MCU’s health and vitality, however, might be the staying power of the people who have guided its destiny through the years. This is all the more impressive when the shifting... Read More

Frosty, Gingerbread Man--shopping!

By Rod Lee

To say that Frosty the Snowman and The Gingerbread Man are taken seriously in the towns of Grafton and Millbury is putting it mildly.

Both legendary creatures will be much in evidence in those Blackstone Valley North communities; although not solely in the same fashion as they were when initially introduced.

Gene Autry and the Cass County Boys are no longer around to sing “Frosty the Snowman” as th... Read More

‘Smalls’ make sense for the holidays

By Rod Lee

If the dedication that Cathy Racine, Scott Garieri and his daughter Alexandria, Mark Mitchell, the Robbins family and Bill and Nancy Cormier bring to the operation of their businesses are typical of the approach taken by other “smalls” within the South County Rt. 20 sphere, holiday-season shoppers can consider themselves in good hands.

Speaking of hands, Ms. Racine’s were briefly on the keys of the magnif... Read More

Annie’s Book Store

Not according to Patty Cryan, owner and manager of Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester. People of all ages shop for and read books in print, she maintains.

“There was a concern when books on tape, CD, and then e-books first came onto the scene. Perhaps even a small dip for a short time, but the market is very strong and consistently so,” she says. “People still love to hold an actual book, take it on vacation, read it in the tu... Read More

Monte Bianco Restaurant

By Janet Stoica

Just a short drive down Thompson Road in Webster and right over the Connecticut line is Monte Bianco Restaurant. The restaurant opened last month, not a moment too soon for local diners who like having more restaurant choices to pick from. 

Owner and head chef Manuel Campoverde is originally from Ecuador but spent decades in New York City preparing and serving his healthy and fresh international dish... Read More

Angelo’s Auto Sales and Service

Business Profile by Janet Stoica

If first impressions are lasting impressions, then Angelo Bifano, owner of Angelo’s Auto Sales in Auburn, makes the very best of impressions, on the phone and in person. His level of politeness and listening skills are second to none.

Angelo’s Auto has everything to do with your means of transportation: car, truck, or van. His mechanics provide repair services for every make and mode... Read More