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Grafton’s Business Scene

by Christine Galeone

Helen Keller once wrote “Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow.”  While there are many opportunities to literally do so this month, many Grafton businesses are also spreading sunshine in different ways. From North Grafton to South Grafton, businesses have been preparing for some great sales and giving back to the community.

One of those businesses is Perreault Nur... Read More

Eclectic Annie’s makes a move to Whitinsville

By Carl Achin

Eclectic Annie’s, an antique, collectible and thrift store, has moved from Uxbridge Center to Route 122 in Whitinsville, near Sundeen Furniture. They opened their doors to the public on July 15 at the new location.

The owner, Annie Bonadei, described the store as being “a fun place to shop and look around that has something for everybody.” When asked about what got her into the business she said that “... Read More

King of the road--and the garage

If the motorcycle gods in their infinite wisdom were limited to selecting one last person for sainthood based upon his or her loyalty to the biker life it might be an affable, gray-bearded sixty-four year-old veteran mechanic named Bill Gifford.

They would find him in a dingy, grimy two-bay garage on Church St. in Whitinsville, a place he describes as “a walk back in time.” He would be almost indistinguishable in his blue... Read More

FDA Issues Stronger NSAID Warning

By Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph

In July of this year the FDA issued a stronger warning to patients and providers about the risks associated with very commonly used prescription and OTC products known as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).  These products include medicines frequently taken for minor aches and pains such as ibuprofen (i.e. Advil® or MotrinIB®) and naproxen (Aleve®), as well as prescription medici... Read More

Rabies in New England a serious issue

By Dr. Kelly Wolfensen Guay

Please don't blow off your veterinarian's recommendation to keep your pets' rabies vaccination status up-to-date.  Rabies is almost 100% fatal in humans if not caught right away.  It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 55,000 deaths occur world-wide from rabies.  In New England, the most common vectors, or carrier species, of animals are bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes.... Read More

The Ghost of the Biddeford Theatre

By Thomas D’Agostino

The City Theater in Biddeford, Maine, is very easy to find as it sits in the middle of the downtown area. The opera house was built around 1860 and hosted many famous names of the times. In 1894 the building burned to the ground but was rebuilt, and by January 1896 shows were once again held in the house. Many people have come and gone over the decades but one person still graces the stage of her last... Read More

Whitin Community Center announces new executive director

WHITINSVILLE-- The Whitin Community Center (WCC) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that it has unanimously chosen Heather Elster as the new executive director.

Heather has worked for the WCC for over 8 years and has had much experience with many facets of the Center, located at 60 Main Street.  She began as Director of Marketing and Development, was then promoted to Vice President of Operations and most recently to... Read More

Indian Ranch Summer Brewfest-- August 22

WEBSTER  – On Saturday, August 22, New England’s beer enthusiasts will come together at Indian Ranch once again to sample some of the best local, regional, national and international beers, micro-brews, craft beers and malt beverages available. Attendees will enjoy delicious food, live music and beach games on the shores of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

The local Massachusetts brewery scene will be we... Read More

History of the Sitkowski School Apartments

By Janet Stoica

WEBSTER -  The Webster Town Hall was built in 1903 with a building addition completed in 1927 for Webster High School, soon to be renamed Bartlett High School in honor of Captain Amos Bartlett, a Civil War veteran and local resident.  The high school graduated 50 years’ worth of local students, the last graduates being the Class of 1978.

In 1979, a new Bartlett High School was opened near Lake Parkwa... Read More

The Eternal Patrons of Brown and Hopkins

By Thomas D’Agostino

Chepachet, Rhode Island, is known for its preserved beauty and rustic charm.  Historic taverns, homes and businesses lace both sides of Route 44, beckoning the curious to inspect what time and progress has failed to spoil. Along with these old structures are many remnants of the past; many of them ghosts still lingering among the antiquated walls of these edifices.

One such place is Brown and Ho... Read More