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VOLUNTARY RECALL: Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets, deli department store packed egg salad

(Schenectady, N.Y.) – Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets are issuing a voluntary recall on Store-Packed (as opposed to pre-packed) Deli Department Egg Salad, with scale code beginning with 267074. This product is being recalled because the bread crumb ingredient contains wheat, a known allergen, which is not listed on the ingredient label. There is no health risk for customers wit... Read More

Black Tavern is Historical Society’s pride and joy

By Rod Lee

Good fortune has followed the Black Tavern for almost all of the more than two hundred years the venerable property has existed opposite the First Congregational Church, the Grange and the Town Common and in close proximity to the grounds of Nichols College in Old Dudley Center.

That is still true today, but it might not have been if a dedicated group of preservation-minded area residents had not stepped... Read More

Avoiding Mistakes When Taking Medications

By Jason Poquette, BPharm, R.Ph

It was Albert Einstein who once said “a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” This may be true. But some mistakes are more costly and dangerous than others. And according to research recently published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, mistakes made by patients at home while taking medication are becoming more common. In fact, the researchers noticed... Read More

Samantha Chase, Orthopedic Surgeon, joins Harrington Physician Services

SOUTHBRIDGE, MA – Samantha Chase, M.D., has joined Harrington Physician Services Orthopedic Surgery Department.

Dr. Chase received her medical degree from the University of Buffalo SUNY, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

She completed an internship and residency at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program (HCORP), which includes four Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals: Boston Children’s Hospit... Read More

The improbable story of Phineas Gage

By Thomas D’Agostino,

On September 13, 1848, an event stunned the medical field when the improbable happened in Cavendish, Vermont. 25-year-old Phineas Gage, a blasting foreman for the Rutland & Burlington Railroad, was using his three-foot tamping iron to set explosive charges for blasting when it prematurely exploded, sending the iron through his skull. S... Read More

UXLocale of Uxbridge promises locals “La Dolce Vita”

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Elaine Cowan, owner of UX Locale, may be more tired than she’s ever been, but she’s never been happier. Her restaurant, known for “slow, peasant food with an Italian twist” reflects a desire to do something she’s wanted to do her entire life. Her recipes and cooking style come from fond memories of watching her family, friends, and “Grafton Hill” neighbors cook with love, affection, and a yearning t... Read More

Fallon Health’s frail elder program coming to Webster

Worcester, Mass., August 2, 2017— Fallon Health announced today that it will be opening a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), called Summit ElderCare, in Webster.

In the next 10-12 months, the company will be moving its Charlton PACE location 12 miles to the east, to a soon-to-be-built facility at 108 Thompson Road, Webster. This move consolidates Fallon’s Charlton operations from two buildings to one and... Read More

The Coop brings barbecue to Millbury

By Magda Dakin

Looking for a new and different place to have lunch or do take out on movie night? You’ll find it on Elm St. in downtown Millbury. It’s called The Coop and unlike the one in Harvard Square, this one serves juicy delicious chicken and BBQ with just the right flair and fun. Owner Angelo Tsetsos says he thought Millbury residents should have another option for dining and take out as a change from pizza and Chin... Read More

Patience is name of the game for Grafton library project

By Rod Lee

No one knows better than Beth Gallaway how pinched the Grafton Public Library is for space and this has nothing to do with her office being not much bigger than a broom closet.

“Every shelf is packed to the end,” Ms. Gallaway said last Tuesday afternoon before heading into a two o’clock meeting with principals involved in bringing to fruition a renovation and expansion of the facility in the aftermath of... Read More

BHC To Host 2nd Annual Foam Fest – Styrofoam Recycling Event

(Whitinsville, MA July 11, 2017) – Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. (BHC) is hosting its 2nd Annual Foam Fest Styrofoam recycling event on Saturday, August 19 at KWD, Inc., 660 Douglas St., Route 16, Uxbridge, MA, from 9 a.m. to Noon. This event offers residents of any community the opportunity to recycle Styrofoam which is not accepted in any curbside recycling program.

KWD recycles Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)(#6) produc... Read More