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Local chefs sound off on true meaning of ʽfarm-to-table’

By Rod Lee

As a veteran chef who is highly principled when it comes to his craft, Michael Winslett has strong opinions about where the ingredients he uses to build the menu at Samuel Slater’s Restaurant at Indian Ranch in Webster come from.

For that reason, when asked if Samuel Slater’s is a “farm-to-table” operation, and if he works with local growers to obtain the products he needs in his emphasis on freshness, he... Read More

Auburn welcomes Karl Storz to town with open arms and salutes

By Rod Lee

Evidence that Karl Storz North America’s logistics operation had arrived on Millbury Street in Auburn was everywhere the afternoon of June 25th even before John O’Keefe Jr. took to the dais and put his hands together as a prompt for thunderous clapping from those who turned out for the grand opening of the facility.

“Welcome to the new Karl Storz North America logistics center! What do you think?” Mr. O’K... Read More

A bountiful feast at Grafton Farmers Market

by Christine Galeone

How often have you picked up a can at the supermarket and found yourself staring at a list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce? With an abundance of highly-processed food on supermarket shelves, it’s not a rare occurrence. But, thankfully, there are places such as farmers markets where you can find local produce and baked goods and snacks that are made with more wholesome ingredients.

... Read More

Lisa Shea: Celebrating Sutton Through Mysteries

by Christine Galeone

Each November, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) offers a challenge to writers to begin and complete a novel between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30. Meeting that goal requires strategy, discipline and dedication. But some writers enjoy tackling even more.

Lisa Shea, a resident of Sutton, is one of them. In 2012, she decided to write “Aspen Allegations,” a romantic mystery novel that’s set in Sutton,... Read More

New home for Sutton Police is a tour de force for department and town

By Rod Lee

The first clue that the Sutton Police Department’s new headquarters at the intersection of Central Turnpike and Putnam Hill Road is a vast improvement over its former home comes immediately upon entering the lobby of the building.

“This area alone is half the size of what we had” in total, Lt. Dave Perry said in welcoming a visitor for a guided tour of the premises. There was unmistakable pride—and a litt... Read More

Strange New England Superstitions Part 1

By Thomas D'Agostino

This month I would like to share a few parts of our upcoming book, Litchfield County Ghosts, with you. One section I am particularly interested in is the strange and lesser known superstitions of our region. Many of these came from the old countries where the settlers migrated from while others were born here. The lan... Read More

A Joyful time for Ms. Demers, with a second antiques store—in No. Grafton

By Rod Lee

It is apparent soon after beginning any conversation with Joy Demers that a reverence for the past dictates many of her actions.

Preserving memories of yesteryear was the motivation when Jamie and Joy Demers launched Joyful Things (Antiques & More) on N. Main St. in North Uxbridge in 2013. The same urge draws her to Brimfield as a participant in the town’s annual, nationally renowned flea market; and... Read More

ʽI can’t imagine doing business anywhere else’ (than Dudley)

By Rod Lee

On the television show “Jeopardy” one night, recently, Chapel Hill, North Carolina was referred to as “the southern part of Heaven.”

It is human nature to assign nicknames—slogans—to places, as a way to further solidify their identity. Sometimes more than one, so that New York is “the Big Apple” or “the city that never sleeps” and Boston is “Beantown” or “the Athens of America.” St. Louis is “the gateway... Read More

Daniels Farmstead open for farmers markets and tours of historic property

July 7, 2018, Blackstone, MA—Why are there two huge cast iron kettles built into a stone shelf inside the front entryway?  Why is there an outbuilding raised up on stilts?  Why did they keep two stoves—and so many other antique items accumulated by generations of farming families?  The curiosity of visitors is satisfied each time a tour is given at the historic Daniels Farmstead at 286 Mendon Street in Blackstone.  Through the la... Read More

Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club offers Women’s Introductory Shooting Program

Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club will offer its popular Ladies Learn to Shoot course July 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the club’s 200 Brook Road in Harrisville, Rhode Island location. The course, which is affiliated with the National Rifle Association’s Women on Target® program, introduces participants to safe gun handling and shooting in a relaxed, friendly environment.  The program starts with a classroom presentation and safety bri... Read More