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A Parrot Once Helped Solve a Triple Murder

By Thomas D’Agostino

Halifax, Massachusetts, in the late 19th century was a close-knit little community of about 600 people. One journalist in the 1870s referred to the town as such, “no lawyers and none needed.” This would change, however, when on February 15, 1874, a gruesome triple murder took place in the Sturtevant home.

The two elderly brothe... Read More

Trendz Consignment Boutique has a sibling

By Magda Dakin

Tracy DeRienzo, owner of Trendz Consignment Boutique, has made something great even better. Her very popular clothing and accessories consignment shop for women and teens has sprouted a sister store right next door, featuring furniture, home décor and vintage pieces. The new store, Trendz Boutique, reflects store owner Tracy DeRienzo’s love for beautiful, creative antiques and handcrafted items, featuring re... Read More

Galliford’s, at Southwick’s Zoo, ʽjust want the Valley needed!’

By Rod Lee

It early returns are any indication, the Brewer family’s foray into the food and beverage business with Galliford’s at Southwick’s Zoo is going to be a huge success.

The 22,000-square foot year-round restaurant and tavern, which opened in February, is already winning praise.

“Galliford’s is just what the Valley needed!,” Jeannie Hebert, president of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, told t... Read More

Blackstone Valley Shelter has opened its doors to those in need

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

“God has been tapping me on the shoulder for the past ten years,” says Leslie Reichert, member of the United Presbyterian Church in Whitinsville.

Situations and certain people kept dropping into her vision, as though calling her to take action.  The only problem was, the situations were a lot easier to ignore, and caused a few arguments with the Big Guy, especially when she drove down Hill S... Read More

Riverdale Mills at home in a world of wire

By Rod Lee

There may be few throwbacks left to the Blackstone Valley’s glory days as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. But one of them—Riverdale Mills Corp. in Northbridge—is a 21st Century powerhouse.

Situated on Riverdale St. next to a placid pond where two bald eagles nest, “Riverdale” (as the company is now known by its abbreviated name) is one of the largest manufacturers of galvanized and P... Read More

Marshall’s Jewelers adds Whitinsville store

By Magda Dakin

Marshall’s Jewelers opened a second jewelry showroom last fall, its first in the Blackstone Valley, locating it at 1223 Providence Road in Whitinsville, next to Jube’s Restaurant. Owner and Master Jeweler Richard Goldberg says customers are thrilled with having a jewelry store closer to where they shop, conveniently located, with plenty of parking. Marshall’s Jewelers has been serving the local community for... Read More

BiZ Imprints makes a big impression

By Janet Stoica

BiZ Imprints & Graphics in Dudley is certainly more than your usual digital printing shop. Owner Arvind Basil’s new retail store, which opened in January, offers watch repair and battery replacement, a notary service, a while-you-wait passport/green card photo service, and fine cigars.

The store also provides a clothing alterations service - an on-site tailor can do a simple slacks re-hemming to... Read More

Over The Hedge Landscaping – a business on fire

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

A March (14th) New England snowstorm came with a sinister air of triumph, stomping out hopes that a hurried spring would follow a rained-on winter. Perhaps no one was more disturbed, however, than Tim Henault, co-owner of Over The Hedge Landscaping and a Woonsocket firefighter, whose can’t-sit-still nature has had him itching for outdoor work. Thankfully, he and his newlywed wife, co-owner and mast... Read More

Dudley Selectman Fox — two decades of service

By Rod Lee

In deciding not to run for re-election this year, Dudley Selectman Peter Fox can look back on two decades of service to an adopted hometown for which he has deep affection.

Dudley residents are no doubt familiar with Mr. Fox’s contributions as a member of a board that he considers to be an “excellent” steward of the municipality’s well-being (“we don’t always agree, but we respect one another,” he says).... Read More

Webster salvage operation is key link in LKQ chain

By Rod Lee

Sprawled on eighteen acres at the intersection of Old Douglas Road and Rt. 16 in Webster, LKQ New England’s auto-recycling facility looks like most any other salvage operation—at first glance.

It isn’t, and the specter of forklift and back-loader trucks scurrying about the grounds all morning and afternoon, an 80,000-square-foot warehousing component and remnants of totaled vehicles stacked on a large ste... Read More