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Webster’s new recreation director hits the ground running

[Editor's note: The printed copy of July 20 issue of The Yankee Xpress has incorrect information about the date of the upcoming production of Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It. The correct date is August 16.]
By Janet Stoica

Carole Marchand, Webster’s new part-time recreation director, has a lot on her agenda for the benefit of Webster’s residents--not only for the summer but for all year round.

The... Read More

Mendon author’s latest book focuses on Cuban Missile Crisis

By Kevin Rudden

“October 25, 1962: Captain Jerry McIlmoyle sat in the cramped cockpit of his U-2 spy plane on the runway at McCoy Air Force Base in Orlando, Florida.”

With that opening line, Mendon author Michael Tougias and co-author Casey Sherman begin to focus on three men who played a key role in a situation that brought the United States and the Soviet Union – then deep in the Cold War – t... Read More

Deck stacked against Historic District Commission’s work?

By Rod Lee

Recent defeat of an article that would have expanded Uxbridge’s historic district leaves members of the commission that proposed the bylaw change pondering what their “next steps” should be even as they lick the wounds inflicted by the stinging setback.

Complicating the plight of Faye McCloskey, who chairs the Uxbridge Historic District Commission (UHDC), and those associates of hers who support a redefin... Read More

Grafton Historical Society sets date for Grand Opening

The date of Saturday, August 18th from 12 – 4 pm has been set for the Grand Opening of the Grafton Historical Society’s new location at 71 Main Street, South Grafton. Artifacts and documents housed in the new location will surely impress you. The afternoon will include many fun activities. See if you can identify some of the non-electric items in our collection. Along with tours of the museum visitors will be able to stop outside... Read More

Worcester Envelope Company celebrates 125 years in business

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

It’s been said that history repeats itself. Worcester Envelope, a business founded one hundred twenty five years ago, and which has managed to stay viable and relevant throughout a century of changes, is no exception. On July 24 - considering themselves 125 years young – the family business will celebrate a remarkable anniversary in honor of the innovative thinkers who helped make it all possibl... Read More

Apple Tree Arts promotes Alaina Calloway Bolton

Grafton, July 16, 2018 . . . Apple Tree Arts announces the appointment of Alaina Calloway Bolton as education director. The nonprofit community school of the arts provides music and theatre arts programs to more than 1,500 students of all ages in Central Massachusetts.
Ms. Calloway Bolton will oversee private instrumental and voice lessons, ensembles and the onsite early childhood program. She will be re... Read More

The stars align for learning center at Linwood Mill

Suddenly, significantly, amid the most oppressive heat of early summer and after years of fits and starts, arrives the refreshing news that the “Blackstone Valley Education Hub” at the Linwood Mill will indeed finally burst onto the scene.

“We even have a logo!” Jeannie Hebert, the irrepressible president and CEO of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, said the afternoon of July 2nd in confirming that a learning cent... Read More

Town hall highlights: Douglas

By Matt Wojcik, Town Administrator

In the human experience that we all share, many of us have the “Uncle.”  He’s the Guy who knows everything about everything.The Uncle insists his way is the shortest.  He always gets the cheapest prices.  Uncle is always glad to supervise.  There is a theory, a story, a put-down for any situation that makes Uncle the wisest, most capable person involved.

In my childhood, I had the... Read More

It’s PYO blueberries time

By Magda Dakin

Blueberry lovers delight: it’s proving to be a huge year for the blueberry crops.

“All this lovely warm air is giving the blueberries a push to get riper faster,” said Aaron Socrat of Douglas Orchard & Farm. “The bushes are so full they are leaning towards the ground. Last year’s crop was much smaller than expected so we’re really excited for an abundance of berries this year.”... Read More