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Dog biscuits sell like hotcakes at Daniels Farmstead

Cristina and Marissa Pedorella from Blackstone have participated in the Daniels Farmstead Market for several years and have helped in a number of ways to make it successful.

The girls came up with a great idea, to sell homemade dog biscuits at the Market. The name Wagontails was selected to keep with the Farmstead theme. They obtained a dog biscuit cookbook and selected a simple but tasty recipe for their first attempt at... Read More

The Haunted Schoolhouse

By Thomas D'Agostino

Almost a century and a half has gone by and yet no one is really sure what really happened at Newburyport's little decrepit schoolhouse in the early 1870s. Amos Currier, a former student of the school, boasted in his later years that it was he who perpetuated the haunting of the building, but according to the accounts, it would have taken much more than one living person to have been responsible for th... Read More

Young author breaks into print with debut novel Beyond the Inferno

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Who are you when you don’t have your memory, or only have a bit of it?  It’s a question raised by Young Adult author Shannon Butler in her debut novel, Beyond the Inferno, a sci- fi, post-apocalypse story led by main character Rosemarie who “could have been a Jackie, or a Natalie, or an Amber.” The fascinating protagonist “born and bred in war” happens to remember what others don’t while leading th... Read More

Summertime recreation in Auburn powerful as a rocket

By Rod Lee

It is interesting to speculate how much fun Dr. Robert Goddard must have had introducing himself as the father of modern rocketry in a field on Effe Ward’s farm on Pakachoag Hill in Auburn in 1926.

Ninety-one years later, Dr. Goddard would be amazed at the breadth of activities residents of the town he made famous have at their fingertips these days—during the summertime.

Maybe not liquid-propelled... Read More

Go Green at Daniels Farmstead Farmers Market Sunday, August 6

Blackstone, MA (July 14, 2017) – “Go Green” at the Daniels Farmstead Farmers Market (286 Mendon St., Blackstone, MA) on Sunday, August 6 when the market hosts Green Penguin, Inc. for a free electronics recycling drive and Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc.(BHC) for reusable bag making and recycling education. The farmers market and recycling drive will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Musical entertainment provided by... Read More

Steamers at Sunset--and Women's Golf Day

Steamers at Sunset
UXBRIDGE - The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce holds its biggest summer event, Steamers at Sunset, on Wednesday August 16, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Blissful Meadows Golf Club, 108 Chocolog Road, in Uxbridge.
Steamers at Sunset Lobster... Read More

Oxford ecumenical food pantry satisfies every appetite

By Rod Lee

It must give volunteers from eight different churches in Oxford and the clientele they serve enormous satisfaction to know that unlike Mother Hubbard’s cupboard the town’s ecumenical food shelf is never bare.

“Last month 139 families came through,” Chris St. Martin, vice chair of the pantry, which is housed in the lower level of the Oxford Community Center on Maple Road, said on a typically bustling Thurs... Read More

Frozen Alive

By Thomas D’Agostino

This strange tale took place in 1850 and was recorded thus. The characters led a normal life until this moment and the ending of the account will surely be a true-to-the-word example of New England’s strange occasions.

Richard Ingraham and his fiancé Lydia Dyer held up safely on their schooner accompanied by a seaman named Roger Elliott. It was December 22 and a storm suddenly struck the Maine c... Read More

It’s time for PYO blueberries

By Magda Dakin

Anticipation is building for summer’s fresh, juicy fruit. Strawberry season came late and ended way too soon. But now it’s time for blueberries, yeah! Most local growers say the blueberries should be available now. Bill and Debbie Baisley of Sunburst Blueberries at 44 Rawson Road in Uxbridge are diligently watching the crop, spotting more and more blue in the early varieties every day. Targeting an early-to-... Read More

Brett C. Anderson becomes an Air Force Colonel

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Colonel Brett C. Anderson, medical director of the Orthopedic Surgery Clinic of Travis Air Force Base, California, may have been raised in the small town of Douglas, but his accomplishments are both large and honorable.

Born of a military family (two of his uncles attended the US Coast Guard Academy and his father served in the Marine Corps from 1966 – 69), the biologist who once thought abo... Read More