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Unibank donates $20,000 to Worcester Community Action Council for Home Heating ProgramM

WHITINSVILLE, MA – UniBank recently donated $20,000 to Worcester Community Action Council’s (WCAC) Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), commonly known as the Emergency Fuel Fund. UniBank’s donation helps the WCAC provide relief to vulnerable households that are struggling to meet the cost of keeping their homes warm.

WCAC’s Fuel Assistance Program helps eligible residents in greater Worcester, including many... Read More

SUPER BOWL LII – Hate, Love, and Political Incorrectness

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Time flies when you’re watching football.  Here in Pats Nation it's already been a year since Brady returned from his suspension to win fourteen games with fifty-seven 25-yard completions. It's been two years since his jersey made it into the Hall of Fame, credit to his 201st career win.  It’s been two weeks since the Pats defeated the Jackonsville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game, a win achieve... Read More

The Tailor Pros can fix busted zippers, adjust bad hems, even re-create costumes

By Magda Dakin

It might not keep you up at night, but it sure is annoying if you need to sew on a simple button or hem a pair of pants and you just can’t find the time and don’t feel like digging out the sewing stuff, find the right color thread and the right needle. You think, “Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to take it to a professional and not worry about it anymore?”

The sometimes-challenging adventure into re... Read More

Hilltop Self Storage is Addeo the Entrepreneur at work

By Rod Lee

One of the first things that becomes apparent in any conversation with Rocco Addeo is that there beats within him the heart of an entrepreneur.

In fact, mention this to Mr. Addeo and a smile accompanied by a nod is offered in return, by way of agreement.

The latest reflection of a yen on his part for tackling new startup ventures is Hilltop Self Storage of Grafton LLC.

Situated on Milford Ro... Read More

Jan Barlow: Spreading “Sunshine” in Grafton

by Christine Galeone

J.M. Barrie, the iconic playwright and author of “Peter Pan,” once said “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” And it radiates from unusual sources. Sometimes, it even brightens people’s lives from behind the four strings of an instrument that looks like a little guitar.

Jan Barlow, a singer and ukulele musician who’s the Education Director at Apple Tre... Read More

CodeRED notifications, grants from Tufts, promotions, in Grafton

by Christine Galeone

Along with arctic breezes, 2018 has arrived. A new year provides us with a chance for a new exciting start in some part of our lives. It could be something as simple as acquiring a new healthy habit (like eating more dark chocolate). Or it could be something as monumental as buying a new home. Whatever it may be, one of the first steps is embracing the opportunities needed to make it happen.

Rig... Read More

Change, progress are name of the game in Sutton

By Rod Lee

Jen Hager used to hear the words “traffic is backed up at the light at Boston Road on Rt. 146” most every morning on the radio during her commute from Sturbridge, where she lives, to Sutton, where she works as the town’s planning director.

The inference being “it’s all Sutton’s fault,” she laughed in noting that this is no longer the case.

The recently reconfigured intersection with a “no-left-turn... Read More

ʽThe Journey’ readied Willardson for his role in Webster

By Rod Lee

One subject that comes up early in any conversation with Webster Town Administrator Doug Willardson is the startling contrasts he has noticed in the communities in which he has spent his first years in municipal government.

Such was the case shortly after four o’clock on January 10th when Mr. Willardson, who exudes an animated, youthful, restive energy, welcomed a visitor to his small office on the first... Read More