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Auburn selectmen shower business community with love

By Rod Lee

Life for business in the town of Auburn was once not so good but is now much better and looking even rosier in the years ahead.

In exclusive comments they made to The Yankee Xpress, Mark Sarkisian Jr. of Capitol Siding & Home Improvement, Steve Londregan of Chuck’s Steak House & Margarita Grille and Dick Taylor of Masterman’s all praised the recent unanimous decision by the Auburn Board of Selectm... Read More

The Seaview Terrace

By Thomas D'Agostino

Those who grew up in the 1960s watching soap operas might recognize the outside of Seaview Terrace, as it was used for exterior shots in the Gothic horror television soap opera “Dark Shadows.” The 40,000-square-foot mansion is also known as the Carey Mansion in honor of its present owners and has an interesting and mysterious... Read More

Mendon Approves Marijuana Zoning and Local Tax

By Kevin Rudden

Mendon voters passed a Zoning By-law amendment last month allowing medical marijuana treatment centers, marijuana cultivators, testing facilities, research facilities, product manufacturers, and retailers to locate in the Highway Business zoning district along part of Cape Road (Route 140). Also approved was a three percent local sales tax on products sold by marijuana ret... Read More

Library’s Long Range Plan Committee aims to SOAR

By Rod Lee

At a table in the Reading Room of the Uxbridge Free Public Library the evening of December 5th, in a discussion directed by Barbara Hall who chairs the building’s Long Range Plan Committee, there quickly emerged a consensus about what priorities deserve the most attention if the institution is to thrive in the future.

The mood among the members of the Committee who were present was businesslike, as befits... Read More

New England Patriots hand tough despite Miami Curse

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

What’s happening with the Patriots?  Are you ready for some football talk?  Let’s break it down. Let’s go back.

The Patriots take off with the Jets – Game 11

Their loss to the Tennessee Titans snapped a six-game winning streak but, as fans might have predicted, it certainly didn’t determine their future against the Jets. The Pats stomped onto MetLife Stadium with confi... Read More

BVAA's 7th Annual Anything Goes Photography Show

Blackstone Valley Art Association is calling out for submissions to their 7th Annual Anything goes Photography Show.  This is our most popular show, last year we had 104 photographs submitted for the show. It was an excellent collection.  We are hoping for the same turn out this year. The Open Sky’s Gallery has become a hub for the arts in Uxbridge, membership to the BVAA now includes members from Charlton to Framingham to N. Att... Read More

Calling All Singers! Greater Milford Community Chorus

Do you love to sing? Were you in the high school chorus or church choir and have thought of singing in a chorus again? Join us, the Greater Milford Community Chorus, and share your love of singing!

Some of our exciting highlights in 2018 have been singing with the very talented New England Tenors in concert in March, our Spring concert in early May and our December concert, a mix of holiday and winter song... Read More

Still shopping???

Once again, the holiday shopping season is upon us.

We've got everything here from games for toddlers and preschoolers, to adult games, to large groups or two players. No matter what age you're shopping for or what the occasion is, our family recommends all these games highly.

Gifts for Very Young Children

Children under 4 years old are still learning to take turns and match patterns. The fol... Read More

Metacomet Land Trust meets 30th anniversary fundraising goal

Metacomet Land Trust raised over $30,000 in donations and grants to reach its 30th anniversary fundraising goal in 2018.

“We are pleased to be celebrating our 30 year milestone as a regional land trust serving 15 communities,” stated the organization’s president, Lisa Mosczynski, “We started out 30 years ago with 3 towns and as more communities saw the need to partner with a land trust to preserve and protect their valuabl... Read More

Schofield resigns Mendon selectmen seat

By Kevin Rudden

Mendon will have only two selectmen governing the town until next May’s Annual Town Election. Richard Schofield resigned from the board on November 6, citing increased work responsibilities and associated travel. He also resigned from his positions on the town’s Community Preservation Committee, Capital Planning Committee and Historic District Commission.

“I cannot help but to feel that I am letting... Read More