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Hurts, habits, and hangups are welcomed here

by Christine Galeone

Sometimes, people strive to be as big and powerful as they can be, yet their lasting impact is often small. Other times, however, people work hard to be a small part of something so big that it can restore hope, heal wounds, mend broken marriages and save lives.

Pastor Howard DeVries and his wife, Marlene DeVries, have chosen the latter of the two paths.  Since January 15, 2015, they have devote... Read More

ERA Key Realty—a happy place to work

By Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Selling your home and buying another can be overwhelming. There’s the emotional attachment to one’s personal space (I hand painted that room.  I’m not giving it away), the assault of legal decisions (we need to protect ourselves from what?) and the inconvenient weight of a possible loan (our home will be paid off in two-thousand-and-who?)

Not to mention packing.  

To help contain the m... Read More

Mendon leaders say “Open for Business”

By Kevin Rudden

Recognizing that it needs to boost the number of businesses in town to achieve a better residential-to-business property tax ratio, the Town of Mendon is now making a focused effort to let small businesses know they are welcome to locate in the 350- year-old community.

Attracting business is a principal focus of the Board of Selectmen, says Chairman Christopher... Read More

Baker-Polito administration designates 25 cities and towns as Green Communities

 BOSTON – The Baker-Polito Administration announced that an additional 25 Massachusetts cities and towns have been designated by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) as Green Communities, committing to an ambitious renewable energy agenda to reduce energy consumption and emissions. With today’s designation, over half of the Commonwealth’s municipalities have earned their Green Communities designation and 68... Read More

African Concert at Cornerstone Church, Uxbridge

Cornerstone Church, E. Hartford Ave, N. Uxbridge will host a free African Concert on January 28th @ 6:30 p.m.
Join them for an evening of songs and stories from Africa!  UrbanPromise International and Cornerstone Church are excited to offer a night of African music and stories by the UrbanPromise International fellows choir. 

Charniak Insurance ʽProgressive’ in more ways than one

By Rod Lee

A first look at the brick-faced front of 274 Main Street in Webster is all it takes to realize that the three-story building is one of the downtown’s oldest structures—as well as one of its most strikingly conspicuous; it stands out, in part, because of its position next to a parking lot.

The Charniak family bought the property from Henry and Bessie Stayman in the early 1980s as the new home for Charniak... Read More

So you bought a haunted house - Part 1

By Thomas D'Agostino

The title may sound a bit amusing, but to those who have actually bought or rented a house that is still tenanted by its former inhabitants, it can be a most frightening experience. Houses that are haunted can pass from one party to another many times without the thought or notion of there being a ghost or two. Sometimes the spirits la... Read More

Facelift for Lombard Dining Hall creates buzz at Nichols

By Rod Lee

Life in the dining hall at college may arguably be a more enjoyable and rewarding experience than even those moments accrued in the classroom, in the dorm, in the library, in the auditorium, in the gymnasium or on the athletic field—given that this is where new friends are made, stimulating conversation is conducted and the world’s most pressing issues are resolved.

This is undoubtedly no less or more tru... Read More

Stove King rules

By Janet Stoica

Danielson CT – Education is always the best way to purchase a major appliance and, if you need assurances that you’re buying the right type of heating and/or aesthetically-pleasing stove appliance, you can take a short trip to Danielson, Connecticut, and meet with Matt Brazeau, owner of Stove King.

Matt and his wife, Ashlee, have been in the heating appliance business since 1906 – no, wait a minute,... Read More