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The 2018 Ice Cream Tour: Part 1

By Dante Turo

Summertime is filled with happiness, warm weather, and good friends, and the things that link up perfectly with summer include the beach, car rides with the top down, and ice cream, the perfect treat to have with your friends on warm summer nights.

Here's how we did it: Each one of my friends ordered a flavor of ice cream they enjoy or had never tried before at the places we visited. This was a fun way to try different ice cream flavors, but also to find out which place serves our favorite ice cream.

We started our journey close to home, at Friendly’s Ice Cream in Webster. The long lines you have to wait in might make you want to turn away, but it’s worth the wait.

The options here are endless, with a variety of ice cream flavors, fribbles, and floats. I would recommend the fribble to those who don’t have an appetite for scoops of ice cream, but just enough for a milkshake.

The lines for ice cream window outside of Friendly’s keeps the restaurant busy while they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the inside. If you want to go with a flavor, Jeremy Guyette recommends the chocolate fudge brownie sundae.

The next stop on our tour was in the next state over, Bogey’s, which is located in the middle of the Thompson Speedway and its golf course, in Connecticut. With about 40 different flavors to choose from, it can take a little while to make your decision.

Bogey’s has some creative flavors, including “Green Monster,” but then there are the original flavors, such as Oreo, as well. Seeing a delicious flavor that I hadn’t ever heard of before made my decision that much harder.

But Olivia, one of the workers for Bogey’s, gave me the “inside scoop” on what flavor to get. She recommends the Maine Blackbear, which is red raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips and raspberry truffles. Besides ice cream, Bogey’s serves up food: hot dogs, burgers, chicken, fried fish, along with sides and drinks.

Next up was Deary Bros. Mike’s Stand. Located right before you reach downtown Putnam, their menu also features much more than just ice cream: burgers, sandwiches and rolls, seafood, dinners, salads, sides, and beverages. Whether you’re in the mood for clam cakes, grilled chicken teriyaki, or even coffee, they have something for you. But the ice cream--the stand serves up more than 30 different flavors, including their flavor(s) of the week. They also have three frozen yogurt flavors. Deary Bros. is celebrating 81 years of family tradition and all the employees that made them so successful. The stand is not only open during the summer but is open during school hours the rest of the year, which is convenient for students who wish to get ice cream after school (what I used to do), and I can see that the tradition hasn’t changed.

After that we visited Quiet Corner Creamery, also in Putnam. Just a few minutes up the road from the Deary Bros. stand, Quiet Corner Creamery offers food as well as ice cream. Upon arrival, you’re greeted with the scenery of flowers and lights that make the building stand out at nighttime. There’s plenty of room to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. After getting your meal or ice cream, which you can  have with a fresh homemade waffle cone, you can find a seat at one of the picnic tables. Don’t feel like taking a seat while enjoying your ice cream? Try playing a round of mini golf with your friends or family. A mini-golf course is the last thing I expected to see at an ice cream place, but it gives you more of a reason to come again.

Our last stop came at Ronnie’s in Auburn, at the intersection of Routes 12 and 20. After enjoying seafood and their fried clams, you can head on over next door to their ice cream stand. With plenty of seating available, it’s a pleasant place to take a family trip and enjoy some ice cream and good food. It was the perfect place for my four friends and me to enjoy our ice cream and relax as the night went on.

I might not do it often, but if there is one thing I do recommend that people should do on a warm summer night, it would be to gather your friends, get in a car, and drive around to different ice cream places. The ice cream tour brought out the ice cream-loving kid in me that apparently never left.

Dante Turo is a Webster resident and student at Quinnipiac College. He will be continuing his ice cream in the next issue.