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3rd Annual Craft and Vendor Fair full of fun and flair

by Magda Dakin

The Uxbridge Woman’s Club was established in 1950 and has promoted educational, social and civic interests to the Uxbridge community for more than 60 years.  Their Third Annual Craft and Vendor Fair was recently held on the first truly beautiful weekend of the year.  Proceeds from this event aids in funding community service projects and two annual scholarships given in the community. Gorgeous sunny warm weather greeted the attendees as they gathered in the McClosky Middle School Gymnasium on Capron St in Uxbridge.  Many sat outside to enjoy their refreshments before going back inside to enjoy the view.

Thousands of hours worth of hand crafted items made a dizzying display all through the hall.  It was hard to make it through the aisles without stopping to look at all the beautiful offerings.  If you didn’t make it you missed an awesome display of what a long cold winter can do with creative people.

From the colorful flowing hand dyed silk scarves offered by Two Friends’ Silks to the stunning hand crafted glass pieces from Shelley’s Glass, it was a symphony for the eyes. Crafty Stitchin’s Doris Thorpe proudly displayed her hand-crafted bags, uniquely designed to serve special purposes, such as beach bags that turn into a towel.  A masculine apron reminiscent of shorts and all sorts of children’s items were included in her display of individually embroidered pieces.  Monica Hamel of Expressions of You showcased her own hand-crafted jewelry as well as the work of some of her talented friends.  For those of us who crave distinctive and unique jewelry and accessories for every outfit, be sure to check out her studio online. For Monica it’s more than just a hobby, it’s a full time obsession.

There was an especially fun display by former teacher Anne Boucher who turned her love for children and books into, The Guilded Word, bird brain houses and items made with scrabble pieces.  The tree full of small birdhouses made out of well loved books was eye catching and provocative.  Crafty Creations by Michelle displayed a table of items made with Love as their main ingredient. Lovely scarves of all types and body tutus  made you want to reach out and touch.  McKay Designs featured a table full of hair accessories of all kinds, sure to please any girl big or little.  Miss Jane’s Fashions are perfectly suited to 18” or 11 1/2” dolls, so sweet you wish they were big enough to try on yourself. 

Used Again Marketplace is a recently opened treasure house in down town Millbury full of fric-n-fracs, some of which were on display.  Particularly enchanting were glass bottles, decorated and lit up from within, intended as Mother’s Day gifts, and a particularly timely set of the bride and groom, perfect for bridal shower decorations.

An unexpected pleasure seen at the fair were the dreamy watercolors created by Rev. Bob Bouchard, a retired Catholic priest who turned to the creative arts after failing health caused him to change his life’s path.  Amazing work for an artist who began crafting his art just two years ago.

The show enjoyed a number of entries from the home business ventures selling the traditional plastic ware, beauty products and the like.  One of the more unusual displays was from Wildtree Herbs, represented by Cathy Aguire.  Tricia Crondin of the Heavenly Goddess Spa Parties encouraged women to contribute to the Athena’s Cup drive to collect more than 169,000 bras as a fund raiser for breast health awareness.  The goal is to string all the bras together and break the bra-chain world record.  If you wish to donate your bras to this cause, the drop off is at Heavenly Hair in Shaw’s Plaza, Whitinsville.

When the 4th annual fair comes around next spring be sure to come and enjoy the view.