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Auburn Family Chiropractic moves

NORTH GRAFTON - April 1 was moving day for Auburn Family Chirapractic as well. Amy Nyren Juelis, DC, has had a chiropractic office in Auburn for the last 14 years, but recently decided to move the practice to her native Grafton.

“I'd been thinking about moving for a while,” she said. “I looked around Auburn, but there weren't a lot of spaces available for a small business. Then I happened to see a vacancy sign on a place on Rt. 122  that I'd been driving by every day, and decided to give it a shot. It was move-in ready, a perfect spot. It was meant to be.”

Dr. Juelis is happy that her patients have followed her to the new location. “Some have been my clients for years,” she said, and I wanted the office to be accessible to them.

The new location is just off the Mass Pike and Rt. 20, and is easily reached via the back roads from Auburn as well, she said. “My customers understood why I was leaving, and all of them are willing to give the new location a try.”

The business name changed a bit too. It's now just Family Chiropractic. Amy explained that the inclusion of “family” is intentional. I want people to know that we can help people of all ages. My youngest patient is just five months old; the oldest I've had was 92.

“Chiropractic is more than treating the typical back and neck pain complaints,” she said. “We can help with a variety of problems, from headaches to sports injuries.”

Family Chiropractic continues to also offer a deep tissue massage therapy service, provided by Lulu's Touch of Health. “Lulu is one of the best massage therapists I've come across. I'm glad she decided to stick with me.” She specializes in sports massage.    

Amy lives in Grafton and her children go to school there. The new office location makes it easier to balance work and family, she says.

Family Chiropractic is at 210 Worcester St, North Grafton (Rt. 122 near Wyman Gordon) Call 508-839-4835. Lulu's number is 774-545-0602.