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Awed by the food on a sunny day

By Magda Dakin

On a Saturday of gorgeous weather, the 3rd Annual Wooed By The Food took place at the Whitin Community Center’s Whitin Park. “It’s a perfect day for this event,” said Jeanine Dionn, an activity director for the Northbridge Senior Center and actively involved in The Giving Tree project. “Last year we were standing here in the rain, hoping people would stop long enough to ask why we had a Christmas tree up in May.” Twice a year, Susan Smith and friends organize the Senior Giving Tree Project to help local senior citizens who need a little help to make it through the month. “Even simple things like toothpaste, socks or a hairbrush can make life so much easier. Often, it’s a choice between food or the item gifted via the tree,” she noted.

Other vendors at the event were smiling as well, both because of the great weather and because there was a steady flow of attendees enjoying the food, music and items for sale. The happy screams of kids at play in the children’s area, the loud thumping of music from the speakers and the incredible scent from all the food trucks afforded patrons a great way to spend a glorious Saturday in May.  

Long lines formed for some of the most popular choices:  Cod Squad Seafood with Captain Mardens, an incredible BBQ with GottaQ with Smokehouse BBQ, delicious organic southern fried chicken at SoulFull, a savory hand pie with the Roving Lunchbox. 

Food trucks with sweets were a big hit, serving ice cream novelties at Sweet Wise Ice Cream, cupcakes from Sara’s Sweets Curbside Cupcakes, homemade fudge and bark from The Fudge Lady, and whipped fun from UniBank, which served cotton candy to everyone.