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BHC To Host 2nd Annual Foam Fest – Styrofoam Recycling Event

(Whitinsville, MA July 11, 2017) – Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. (BHC) is hosting its 2nd Annual Foam Fest Styrofoam recycling event on Saturday, August 19 at KWD, Inc., 660 Douglas St., Route 16, Uxbridge, MA, from 9 a.m. to Noon. This event offers residents of any community the opportunity to recycle Styrofoam which is not accepted in any curbside recycling program.

KWD recycles Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)(#6) products, also known as Styrofoam, and offers this service every day with a drop-off station located on its loading dock. The Foam Fest event serves as an open house to allow people an inside look at the recycling operation and learn which products are accepted for recycling.

As a rule of thumb, Styrofoam brought to KWD must be clean and dry and, if dropped off on the loading dock, should be placed into a plastic bag. Common Styrofoam products accepted for recycling include firm white foam used in shipping, standard packing peanuts (not biodegradable), meat trays, produce trays and coffee cups that have been washed and dried, and also medical/prescription coolers.

“When we launched our Trash Responsibly™ program in 2015, we learned about Styrofoam recycling through participating in an America Recycles Day event with the City of Woonsocket,” explained Bonnie Combs, marketing director for BHC and manager of its Trash Responsibly™ program. “The City of Woonsocket offers drop-off recycling of Styrofoam to its residents and we had not seen that before in other communities. We learned where it was taken for processing and then made a personal connection with the company.” Since then, more residents of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor are recycling Styrofoam since learning about places they can take it. Just last summer, the Blackstone Valley Regional Recycling Center in Blackstone, MA, cleared out a 40-foot trailer and now offers drop-off recycling of Styrofoam to residents who use the center including Blackstone, Millville, Mendon, Hopedale, Northbridge, Uxbridge, Douglas, Sutton, Holliston, Medway and Bellingham. In addition, Rhode Island Resource Recovery in Johnston, RI, offers free Styrofoam drop-off to all Rhode Island residents.

”We are fortunate to have several options here in the National Heritage Corridor that offer recycling of a product that we often find littered on the roadsides,” Combs added. “Styrofoam so severely impacts our natural resources that it was imperative to find a solution.” What really got her started was when she created a recycling box for it in the office and watched it grow. “It started with coffee cups, and quickly grew to large packing material. And for people who get medication or food shipped to them in coolers, it adds up quickly.”

For more information about the event, contact Bonnie Combs at [email protected] or call (508) 234-4242.

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