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Business profile: Nor'easter Roofing Inc

by Melissa Dumont

Are you building a new house? Does your existing house need a new roof? Then consider Uxbridge-based Rob Chaille, 43, of Nor’easter Roofing. He has been doing this work for 26 years, and his expertise can be seen in houses all over Central Massachusetts, from Sturbridge to Wellesley, and even up to New Hampshire. He vouches for the quality of his work, offers a large selection of materials, and assures customers that the “down time” while his crew is working on their house will be minimal: the average house has a new roof in just one day.

While still a sophomore in high school Rob began working with a local contractor, doing roofing and gutters. His work was so outstanding that by the time he was eighteen he was made foreman over the crew, directing men twice his age. Rob started a remodeling business in 1994, partnering with Kevin Allen at that time. Kevin took over the interior finish work, while Rob began to concentrate specifically on roofing, siding, and windows. He incorporated Nor'easter Roofing in 2007 and still works with Kevin Allen.

Rob prides himself on his service to customers. He has no sales people but meets with customers himself to discuss their needs and present them with the available products. His wife Laurie is the genius behind that. She has assembled a beautiful notebook of information, containing a long list of roofing, siding, and window materials, dozens of referrals, and copies of the company’s licensing and insurance information.

Included in the book is the assurance that Nor’easter is a Select ShingleMaster of CertainTeed Corp., one of the largest building supply companies in the country. CertainTeed offers ColorView, a computerized system which lets people visualize their homes by allowing them to create their own custom exterior from CertainTeed’s extensive library of building products and colors. ColorView helps Rob's customers get exactly the roof they’re looking for.

Rob also does a good deal of siding. Nor’easter Roofing is VSI certified, meaning that it is qualified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.This institute, too, has rigid standards. Certification requires independent validation of one's skills and knowledge, and proven credibility as a qualified professional installer.

Nor'easter Roofing has five immaculate trucks, as well as all the ladders, pneumatic equipment, and OSHA-certified safety harnesses needed to do a job safely and well. Rob personally sets up and oversees every job, but for three years has depended upon Matt, his project manager, to help him with the increasing workload. He is never out of work. “The recession didn’t even touch me,” he says. “Word of mouth means everything, and whether it’s a new roof, an ice dam blocking your gutters, or your roof leaking buckets, people know where to come.”

One of the best and most unusual aspects of Rob's work is the way his crew finishes up the job. Rather than leave shingles, paper, or nails all over your lawn, the crew painstakingly circles your house, picking up and disposing of every single thing. No flat tires on your lawnmower after a Nor’easter job, says Rob.

So, do you need a roof, vinyl siding, or replacement windows? Just call a few people on Rob Chaille’s list of referrals to help you decide where to go.

Nor'easter Roofing Inc. is located at 172 Pond St. in Uxbridge. The website is, and Rob's phone number is 508-667-3278.