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Businesses veer to Cape Road, Mendon, location

By Kevin Rudden

Cape Road in Mendon – better known as state Route 140 – runs just 2.5 miles from the Hopedale town line to the Bellingham town line. But, business owners say it’s the perfect location to build.

Abraham Jreij took over the old Westwood Lumber site several years ago and converted it into a GASCO Fuel gasoline station. Last year, he built and opened a GASCO auto repair shop on an adjacent open parcel. By April, he’ll be opening a new car wash located between his two other businesses. Jreij also has an open storefront in his gas station’s convenience store building.

“I like the town of Mendon,” he says. Jriej likes the town’s single property tax rate. Nearby Milford, where his auto repair shop used to be located, has a dual tax rate. Jreij also likes Mendon’s location, noting that it’s at the center of the towns where he draws his customers from.

Paul Braza of Braza Construction Company agrees. Recently, the asphalt and paving company founded by his father in Milford bought several acres of land close to Hartford Avenue East and the Hopedale town line. Last year, the company did the site preparation work and, in April, will begin construction of a new 7,000 square foot office and garage to house all of its equipment.

The new location provides easy access to nearby Interstate 495 in Bellingham, and the Route 140 corridor is an access point to his customers in surrounding towns, Braza says. The new location will consolidate company facilities now in Milford and Upton. Braza also cites Mendon’s tax rate as a reason to locate here.

Jreij and Braza are not alone in picking Cape Road. A few years ago, the non-profit New England Futbol Club (NEFC) bought an eight-acre parcel next to the GASCO station, drawing hundreds of its members each day to play soccer on the artificial turf fields. Club officials told the Mendon Planning Board the site would draw most people from up and down Route 495. Next to the NEFC complex, Wenger Realty of Bellingham has an 18-acre site for sale.

Cape Road is one of Mendon’s two main business-zoned areas – the other is Route 16. Unlike the rest of Mendon, which relies on individual wells, Cape Road is serviced by a town water system. The state repaved the road last summer.

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