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Camp Whitin welcomes new director, Michelle Benoit

After fourteen years with Northbridge Public Schools, we are excited to welcome Michelle as the New Camp Whitin Director! Michelle has been with Camp Whitin for seven years as a camp coordinator. 
Michelle's ability to implement curriculum while keeping the campers interested is exceptional which is why she has also been appointed the school age administrator for the Blackstone Valley Children's Place. This Summer, Michelle will be overseeing camp operations and running a few camps of her own, like Lights, Camera, Action and Mini DaVinci. She will also be popping in as a guest professor at Return to Hogwarts, join in on the judging at the WCC Olympics, and trying her hand at Match Point Tennis. 
Whether it's trying something new, or enjoying some old favorites, Michelle is excited to spend the Summer with our campers and counselors to make this Summer, the Best Summer Ever!