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Charlton’s Mike Pelletz dreams big at Dreamland Wax Museum

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Charlton’s Mike Pelletz, Founder of SafeHer, a woman-only rideshare launched worldwide in February 2016, has his hands behind the wheel for a fascinating, new opportunity as vice president of sales for Boston’s new Dreamland Wax Museum. Located on 1 Washington Mall in central Boston, open 365 days a year, the premier wax museum, located a few steps from The Freedom Trail, is a dream come true for artists, historians, educators, and those simply looking for something fun to do in Beantown.

Dedicated to “inspiring wonder, sharing stories and allowing visitors to come face-to-face and interact with those who have shaped history as we know it,” Dreamland guests will be awed, spooked, and surprised by what (and whom) they see. 

There are only a handful of artists in the world able to create a person from a person so to speak, the specialized skill of which is evident in the facial expressions, statures, and exact measurements of clay-made wax figures on display in one of thirty Dreamland Wax Museum homes, which are situated in Brazil, Latin America, and Mexico.  It takes four to six months to finish one replicated head.  Hair follicles are put in one by one.  From teeth to toes, the figures appear as real as their namesakes, creepily so.   

“We’re bringing Disney to Boston,” said Pelletz, whose childhood memory of sitting next to a wax-sculpted woman at a park bench in London hasn’t left him.  “Is she real?” he recalls the sense of wonderment he felt back then.  “I love being a part of something magical.  I love molding the minds of the future generation through the history and education at our museum.  There is so much bad press with politics and the presidents these days. We’re able to show from number one to forty-five the wonderful things they have done while inspiring our youth to, possibly, think about pursuing politics.   Our presidents are supposed to be role models.”

Incidentally, Dreamland guests have the right to exercise their civil liberties by choosing to “sit here” if they love Trump or “sit there” if they hate him.  “It’s all about having fun,” said Pelletz, who has chosen to embrace the controversy already garnered by the museum—such as when Jackie Bruno of NBC, Boston, inspired the explosion on Twitter about Tom Brady’s inauthentic wax figure a few days before his birthday, or when Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the figures during the first five minutes of a recently aired monologue.

“I turn negative situations into positive ones,” said Pelletz, fully confident that the museum he’s selling is a notch above the rest due to an interactive touch that allows guests to touch, take selfies, and listen to their voices (via a cellular phone app) amid a tour that stretches across 18,000 square feet of space categorized by genre and heightened by the knowledge of a tour guide, should a Dreamland guest request one.

Whether the Dreamland dreamer desires a connection with Mother Theresa, Snoop Dogg, or Abraham Lincoln, he or she is certain to be awed by art, struck by the depth of our nation’s history and, ultimately, allowed the freedom to celebrate all that’s good in people.

Contact Mike Pelletz at [email protected]; Call the museum directly a (508) 400-1712.

Write to Amy (also a dreamer) at [email protected]