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Charlton Optical wins town business award

Charlton Optical and its owner Peter Maly are well known about town for the contributions they make year-round, and this year they received formal recognition for all they do. Charlton Optical was this year’s recipient of the Town of Charlton’s 2017 Old Home Day Business Award.  The award ceremony, held during Labor Day weekend, came complete with a plaque and formal citations from the Massachusetts State Senate and House of Representatives.

Kathleen Walker, facilitator for Charlton’s annual Old Home Day festivities, solicited nominations for the award, which were then forwarded to the committee, which made the decision. The major criterion, she said, is that the business does a lot for the town.

Mr. Maly talked about some of the things with which he’s involved. As a long-time member of the Charlton Lion’s Club, he manages their annual golf tournament. He donates time to the Little League and Lassie League. Two years ago, Charlton Optical donated a line of eye examination equipment to Haiti, where it is being used at one of the country’s major medical facilities. Just this year, Mr. Maly and his wife Susan took over organization of the annual Charlton Road Race.

Congratulations to Peter Maly and all the Charlton Optical staff.


                                                                                                  ………………… Barbara Van Reed