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The Coop brings barbecue to Millbury

By Magda Dakin

Looking for a new and different place to have lunch or do take out on movie night? You’ll find it on Elm St. in downtown Millbury. It’s called The Coop and unlike the one in Harvard Square, this one serves juicy delicious chicken and BBQ with just the right flair and fun. Owner Angelo Tsetsos says he thought Millbury residents should have another option for dining and take out as a change from pizza and Chinese food.

The Coop, located at 110 Elm St., is a small, newly renovated “barn like” restaurant featuring wings and barbecue, craft beers and service. The menu also includes five kinds of hamburgers, brisket, chicken and pork sandwiches, BBQ dinners, appetizers and five different salads. And don’t forget the wings and more wings, with a choice of six dry rubs and more than a dozen sauces.

The selections of craft beers will change with the seasons and as directed by customer preferences.

Tsetsos says he’s enjoying creating the new place and after just one-month customers are coming back and bringing their friends. Tsetsos is well known in Millbury as the owner of Pizza Chef just around the corner on N. Main St. “There weren’t many choices in the downtown area and we feel The Coop offers diners a more expansive menu option. One of our most popular sandwiches is the Sunday brunch pork sandwich with pork, waffle fries, bacon, fried eggs and ranch BBQ on thick sourdough bread.”

The menu items are cooked in house, hickory smoked for 12 hours and marinated in their own home-made barbecue sauce, which is also available for sale. Fries are considered an art form and most meals come with a choice of four kinds of fries, an incredible mac & cheese, baked beans, corn bread or coleslaw. Most patrons leave with ‘to go’ boxes as the servings are generous.

In-house dining in the classy coop atmosphere consists of five tables and counter seating along one wall. Take-out is already very popular, service is friendly and fairly fast. Food can be ordered online or called in at 508-865-3100. Open Tuesday through Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is also a loyalty rewards program to earn free food, which can be combined with the Pizza Chef rewards program.