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Creative SignWorks gives MNB a throwback look at downtown corner

Creative SignWorks gives MNB a throwback look at downtown corner

By Rod Lee

The intersection of Elm and Main streets in downtown Millbury looks quite different these days, thanks to distinctive new signage for Millbury National Bank that was placed at the site recently.

“We wanted to dress up that corner for a while,” John T. Latino Jr., VP and COO of Millbury National Bank, said on May 14th.

MNB chose a proven partner for the project in Bob Rochon of Creative SignWorks on West St.

A longtime drawing enthusiast whose doodles for friends turned into Custom Cartoons which then “morphed” into Creative SignWorks, Mr. Rochon and his team have crafted signs and created lettering for all sort of clientele across the region including Maple Ridge Farm, Windle Field, The Rose Door Gallery, Lock Works, Holden Hills Country Club, McGovern Custom Homes & Renovations, Mulhane Home for Funerals, the town of Millbury (“Welcome to Millbury” at the entrance to town) and Whitter Farms.

Born and raised in Millbury, Mr. Rochon has been tapped by MNB for previous jobs. MNB President/CEO Kate Corey Marcum and her staff are familiar with and appreciative of his talent.

“We have done work for them in the past,” Mr. Rochon said. “Lettering for the front of their building, digital signage across the street and signage in Grafton.” 

This latest assignment took on a life of its own and was a while coming together as various conceptualizations were considered, Mr. Latino and Mr. Rochon told The Blackstone Valley Xpress.

“This is one of the more complex signs he has ever done,” Mr. Latino said, in noting that Mr. Rochon does “great work.”

“This was definitely one of the most challenging signs we’ve had to do, not only because it’s curved on top but there is a curve on top of the curve,” Mr. Rochon said. “It took us a while to figure it out. We looked at signs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Those inspired us…and they didn’t have half the tools we have today!”

Millbury National Bank’s logo is incorporated into the sign, which is “all steel and aluminum, with a lot of LED lights,” Mr. Rochon said. “We tried to make it look like the 1800s,” an objective that was appropriate, he noted, in that the bank’s origins date to 1825.

The sign is mounted on a foundation of stone and sits up from the road just south of MNB’s offices on Main St. A flagpole is positioned just behind the sign.

“I’m glad the bank has that on the corner,” Mr. Rochon said. “We didn’t choose that particular design, I preferred one that paid homage to the old Town Hall.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Rochon is proud to have offered a tip of the cap to an institution that relishes its longstanding connection to the community.

The demand for his services keeps him busy.

Bob Rochon’s work for Whittier Farms in Sutton as owner of Creative SignWorks has involved multiple assignments and is ongoing, Sam Whittier says.

“Bob has done a crazy amount of work for us,” Samantha “Sam” Whittier of Whittier Farms in Sutton said, in nothing that the 500-acre spread’s relationship with him goes back to his days working out of the basement of his home on Greenwood St. “At least five signs and all of our vehicles, signs for our building at both ends of the street, our peddler’s wagon, he even did an overlay we needed for the filming of a Christmas movie that took place here several weeks ago, when the name had to be changed to ʽWhite’s Ice Cream’” for the production. “He will paint our rock this fall. If you give something to Bob you will have it for a long time.”

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