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Dudley Police Department will participate in the 17th Annual Goods for Guns program

On Saturday, December 15th from 9 am to 1 pm, for the third time, the Dudley Police Department will participate in the 17th Annual Goods for Guns program sponsored by UMass Memorial Medical Center’s Injury Prevention Center and the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. 

This program is designed to prevent injury or death from unwanted or unsafe guns in local homes.  Many people have older or unused firearms in their residence.  These may have belonged to a deceased relative or are simply no longer used.  People may have a desire to dispose of these in a safe manner.  This program provides an opportunity for residents to turn in functioning and non-working guns, ammunition, and firearm accessories for disposal.  Registrations or licenses for these weapons are not necessary during this time and the program is anonymous.  Free gun locks are also available.

People who turn in operable firearms will receive gift cards to local stores.  It is important that all guns turned in during this program are to be unloaded and wrapped in some packaging material or contained in a bag.  If there is anyone who cannot bring these weapons to the department, arrangements can be made for an officer to pick up these items at your home.  We ask you to contact our station at 508-949-8023 if you wish to schedule a time.  The goal of this program is similar to drug take back events.  It is a way to rid homes of unwanted firearms and ammunition.  This prevents injuries and reduces the opportunity for these weapons to find their way to unauthorized individuals.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our office or following the link: