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Eaglestar Security services the Blackstone Valley with unmatched expertise and a personal touch

By  Amy Palumbo-LeClaire

Chris Yacino hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to be the victim of a burglary. He remembers the trail of muddy footsteps stamped across his bed that led to the window. The incident not only made a bold impression on the fourteen-year-old, it also marked a change in career plans. He was supposed to be a veterinarian but, instead, ended up keeping others safe from home burglaries.

Eaglestar Security, located at 9 Main Street, Sutton (on the fourth floor of the Manchaug Mill building above Vaillancourt Folk Art) has been in business for thirty-three years. Due to a personal touch, strong referrals, and honest business practices, they have sustained the business of installing quality alarm systems with an eye, first and foremost, on protecting one’s home.

“People don’t understand what it’s like to be violated until it happens to them,” he said of the devastating impact a burglary has on an individual. “An alarm system protects more than someone’s possessions. It protects people from the feeling of being violated.”

Home burglaries are not restricted to homes tucked away in the woods, according to Yacino. “Neighborhood” homes are just as vulnerable to home robberies, which are currently on the rise due to the desperate nature of today’s thief—a person in search of quick cash to support a pervasive drug (heroin) addiction.

“If someone rings your doorbell and asks you a dumb question, grab his license plate number and call the police,” he advised. “A home alarm system is statistically the best deterrent against burglaries. Thieves are quick and desperate. They’re not worried about the dog, and they’re not dressed in black, wearing a mask.”

Eaglestar offers a user-friendly alarm system, which includes a simple code that can be activated from a keypad or cell phone device. The alarm is designed to connect with contacts from any external doors, and it has a motion detector on the interior to cover the path to the master bedroom and, preferably, windows accessible from the ground level. “We use the best equipment available at the time so that we don’t have to go back for referral calls. If we can’t do it right, we won’t do the job,” he said. “We won’t compromise on someone else’s security to make money. We do our best to balance both needs and keep the price right.”

Additionally, Eaglestar offers integrated options for security, lifestyle, and convenience, such as the capability to lock and unlock doors from afar, turn the interior temperature up or down, and watch one’s home via high-definition surveillance cameras which, having decreased in price, are now more affordable than ever. The dog walker or child locked-out, then, can be let into the home via Eaglestar’s latest technology. Furthermore, they offer fire detector and life-safety protection, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Clients can opt for a full package or specific parts of the alarm system only.

As a local business with over thirty years of experience, Eaglestar strives to treat every customer personally and with loyalty. They will only install a system that they believe will help protect your home. Other businesses, Yacino said, have installed systems that make sense for a profit, but don’t really help the customer long-term. For example, other alarm companies keep an alarm system’s programming codes,  which makes switching to a new service more difficult and expensive. With Eaglestar Security, customers have full access to the programming of their systems because “we don’t believe in forcing an unhappy customer to stay with us,” Yacino said.

Originally founded in Douglas, Eaglestar Security moved to the Sutton location in 2015 for more space to accommodate an expanding business. They do not believe in a forced contract or lock-in prices. They prefer to be up-front with charges so that clients can enjoy a better long-term value.  Customers, according to Yacino, appreciate the service Eaglestar provides over the phone, which eliminates hidden charges, such as those accrued by battery changes. “We will point customers in the right direction rather than charge them extra.”

Most burglaries happen during the day. Statistically, an alarm system is the best deterrent. For a free home estimate call Chris Yacino or Ethan Hall (508) 476-2816. Visit