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Flooded out, Generations Healing Center finds a new home

By Rod Lee

It was with a sense of gratitude that Del Bachand spoke of her business the afternoon of February 20.

The rest of the year is going to be a lot better for Generations Healing Center than the beginning was, Ms. Bachand said.

She has her son, Steve Bachand, to thank for that.

When Ms. Bachand was flooded and frozen out of her former location at “The Shoppes at 250 Main Street” in Oxford during a cold snap in early January, Steve, owner of Premier Fireplace, 31 Thompson Road in Webster, said “Mom, move here temporarily.”

Generations is now tucked into a cozy front corner of the Premier Fireplace building. Located within a few minutes of I-395 and downtown Webster, and with ample parking, Ms. Bachand has found Generations’ new home. The move, she said, is permanent.

There was relief in her voice as she discussed the devastating weather event The Shoppes experienced the day after New Year’s—and her subsequent good fortune. On one hand, disappointment when her landlord “rang my doorbell at 9 the next morning” to tell her of the calamity; on the other joy when Steve stepped up to say she could bring her furnishings and supplies to Premier Fireplace. “I didn’t even ask; he offered,” she said. “He moved his things around to make room for me.”

This enabled Ms. Bachand to recreate the gift shop that is a component of Generations: Herbal candles, hemp-seed soap, mala beads, dream catchers, stones and crystals, pure honey and statuary are just some of the items she sells. Many are made by local artisans and craft persons.

Perhaps the arrangement was meant to be. “Meditation and fireplaces” kind of go hand in hand, she said, “which is pretty cool.” Also, she said, the word “Generations” has more applicability than ever, especially with grandchildren coming into the premises from time to time.

That Generations can continue as “a place to nourish your body, mind and spirit” through herbal apothecary, meditation, yoga, reiki, ear coning, energy balancing, workshops and intuitive readings means the world to her. “This is my dream career,” Ms. Bachand said, as she looked forward to hosting an evening workshop focusing on “maintaining your ideal weight.”

It allows her to maintain an allegiance as well to, an organization devoted to providing holistic services and support for breast cancer patients, survivors and their families in south central Massachusetts, northeastern Connecticut and northwestern Rhode Island.

The transition was not without its harrowing aspects.

“The first two weeks I had panicked customers,” Ms. Bachand said. “A lot of them had been with me for years and years. That was the biggest challenge, letting people know I’m up and running.”

The loss could have been worse, too. “All of my displays were made from wood, birch and maple and these didn’t make it through burst pipes, temperatures below zero and standing water. Anything that was a piece of paper was destroyed by the water. The ceiling fell down, the force of the water was so strong it blew stuff of the walls and then it froze. I lost 85 percent of my fixtures.”

“My family and my customers were amazing. They showed up with food, plastic bins. I wouldn’t be in business for 15 years without them.”

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Del Bachand’s Generations Healing Center business, uprooted from its former address in Oxford, has found new life at her son’s Premier Fireplace building on Thompson Road in Webster.