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Gayle Suzanne: Coaching is for all of us

By Janet Stoica

When her mom died in a fatal car crash eight years ago, Gayle Suzanne Dragicevich had a sudden awakening of her own life. She realized that there were many things in her personal life that needed to be done and they needed to be done much quicker than simply taking the more comfortable and somewhat mundane route.

“My mom’s sudden passing made me realize that life really IS short and there were so many ideas and dreams that I had put on the back burner. This event spurred me to life coaching school. I’d wanted to be a psychologist when I began college but my dread of not being able to pass certain courses stopped me from doing what I really wanted to do. Fear stopped me. When my life changed suddenly those eight years ago, I decided to go for it.”

And go for it, she did. Gayle enrolled in the New England Coaching School and through their extensive educational courses, mentoring, and group sessions, she evolved into a life coach while also overcoming her fear of accomplishing her personal goals.

She’s become the author of two books, “It’s in the Little Things” (rising to number 73 on the Amazon Best Seller List) and “Stepping Out in Love.”

“Little Things” is composed of short stories about the ups and downs of life and “Stepping Out” describes a painful marriage breakup and then learning to love oneself after such an emotional time. Both books are filled with humor and run the gamut of emotions.

“I’ve found that coaching clients towards their life goals is very rewarding. Sometimes people feel stuck or hopeless,” says Gayle. “Maybe their job isn’t what they thought it would or could be, maybe a relationship is not right. A transition is needed. I feel that my strength is to see the strengths of my clients and we focus on that.

“I once worked with a 50-year-old woman who was recently divorced and devastated. She’d become a hermit in her own home. After we considered her strengths, she began to volunteer at work. She began joining groups that interested her and by the time we concluded, she was confident about her life. She even took a solo trip to Europe. It was so gratifying to see her happiness and self-confidence grow.”

Gayle, a Charlton resident, says her life coaching is for just about anyone, from the unemployed to those seeking to establish their own businesses to anyone who’s unhappy in their marriage. “It’s in coaching that my clients find the answers within themselves. They overcome their under-confidence and they can move forward to get what they want.”

She also conducts coaching sessions for companies and groups throughout New England.

More recently Gayle began coaching clients with a “how to” write their own books. She has found this to be one of her most successful endeavors yet. Apparently, there are many budding authors who could use Gayle’s expertise and she welcomes them.

“Someone out there needs what you have to offer,” she said. “It’s a tangible piece of you. No one has the same footprint as you, your emotions and experiences belong to you alone. You will find yourself writing for the sheer joy of it all. We’ll get through the hurdles and it opens doors you never thought possible. Some people might think because they’re an average person in a small town that their book would not be important, but it truly is. So many people have interesting stories but their fears hold them back. Having someone to guide you is important.”

Gayle offers on-line coaching classes entitled Reach Your Goals Once and For All and Conquer Your Fears and Write Your Book and More. Her videos can be found at

She is currently offering a $30 discount for the above courses using the Coupon Code Yankee. Her initial consultations are free of charge and coaching can be done in-person or over the phone. On YouTube, Gayle’s TV shows can be viewed at Moving Forward with Gayle Suzanne.  Email: [email protected]; phone: 508- 981-7368.

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