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George’s going strong in Mendon

By Rod Lee

Did George’s Surf n Turf really leave Providence Rd. in Linwood for Uxbridge Rd. in Mendon that long ago?

“Our twentieth season here!” George LeFrancois said on March 3rd, the second day of business in 2016n with cars pulling into the parking area right and left shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon.

“Or yesterday, depending on how you look at it,” he added.

The George’s that so many remember from its early years directly opposite Brian’s is doing “a lot more business” at its present location. This can undoubtedly be attributed to George and Melanie LeFrancois’s continued adherence to such tried and true principles as cleanliness, a wide-ranging menu (including ice cream and “a true kiddie cone”), mouthwatering food in substantial portions and exemplary service.

Upon being told that some consider George’s to be “the model in the industry” for a drive-in restaurant, Mr. LeFrancois laughed and said “I don’t know about that but we have a system that works, and great employees.”

Counting the nine years it operated in Linwood, George’s is coming up on three decades in business.

Now situated on the grounds of the old Redwood (itself a popular stop), George’s atmosphere mirrors that of the old-fashioned roadside eatery with walk-up windows, picnic tables and a carry-out approach. Everything is cooked to order.

Fried seafood and arguably the best clam chowder in New England are staples and have been for quite a while. They remind people of summer weekends spent on the Cape. George’s also uses only the best haddock. Whether choosing fried clams, bay scallops, a seafood platter, a captain’s plate, shoestring onion rings, a chicken-finger basket, hot dogs, burgers or calamari, the common sentiment is that the fare is hot, fresh and never greasy.

The banana splits may be the largest to be found for miles in any direction.

George’s enthusiasts include those who used to frequent the restaurant in Linwood, Mendon and Milford-area residents and others who come from a distance during the warm-weather months to purchase their favorite meal.

Between early March until Labor Day, George’s takes its rightful place alongside the Mendon Twin Drive-In, Mendon Driving Range (and companion miniature-golf course) and Southwick’s Zoo as reasons to spend time in the town.

For some George’s might involve something more of a hike than in the past, but it’s worth it.

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