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Go Snow Skating Day

Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 4:00pm

UXBRIDGE-Icon Snowskates will host the fifth annual Go Snow Skating Day on Saturday, January 18th at 4 pm.  GSSD will be held at Icon Snowskates, 115 South Main St, Uxbridge.  Icon Team members will be skating along with all attendees, and available for tips and instruction if needed.  

Matt Plays, Co-Founder and Creative Lead for Icon Snowskates has this to say about Go Snowskating Day:  “GSSD was founded upon one principle; snowskating for the sake of it, no matter the location. This not-so-original concept grew legs through the inclusion of a task list.  Initially a set of common goals, carried out on video, would yield a few fun clips that promoted a new ‘holiday’ for a niche winter sport. People now anticipate the list.”  The ten trick task list will be released online in early January.

Celebrating their fifth year in business, forty percent of Icon Snowskate’s sales are done internationally.  According to President and Co-owner, Stephen Plays, “ We sell a lot of decks to Canada, Europe, and currently work with snowskate distributors in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.  I’m pleasantly surprised at the rise in New England sales this year, our numbers in Massachusetts have doubled.  It’s also great to see skaters coming back to our park year after year with their Icon boards.”

For more information, contact Stephen Plays at 508-341-4697, [email protected], or log on to: for the latest event news.