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Goya donates to Webster-Dudley Food Share

Goya Foods of  Webster has donated 20,000 pounds of food to Webster-Dudley Food Share in 2012-13. The company donates the food year-round, not just during the holidays.

The Webster facility, the distribution center for all of New England, is currently being expanded to include a giant freezer warehouse to store the Goya line of frozen products.

Manager Carlos Mangual and the entire staff are cordial and accommodating to visitors, as we saw during a recent visit and tour. There is a complete on-site kitchen, which was being utilized to prepare a delicious lunch for the staff.  The aroma of the food cooking on the stove permeated the whole office space.  There is also a fully equipped gymnasium on the second floor level, available to all employees.

The warehouse space, filled from floor to ceiling, is immaculate and well maintained.  The loading docks go on  endlessly with most activity happening during the nighttime hours in preparation for delivery trucks to depart in the morning.

A separate room has been created especially for goods to be re-packaged for the W-D Food Share.

The Goya name has become synonymous with good food and if you meet the staff in Webster, they make the product even better with their friendly, welcoming spirit.