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Haddad Auto Detail

When it’s car, boat, and bike care at Haddad Auto Detail.  Haddad gives a whole new meaning to the concept of cleaning your car and keeping it that way.  You’ve probably seen the sign sticking up over the highway when you’re driving down Route 290 at the Route 146 ramps.  The sign says Auto Detail, but owner Wayne Haddad says that he spends a lot of time educating his customers about what he does and what is possible to do when taking care of one of your larger investments.  He says, “It’s like going to the dentist, routine maintenance means deep cleaning several times a year to keep your car in perfect shape.”  Wayne says he still gets a thrill each time a car comes in looking pretty bad and comes out as good as new.  “When a car is cleaned really well it stays clean longer and is easier to keep clean too,” says Haddad.      

Owner and manager of Haddad Auto Detail for more than 30 years in this location, Wayne Haddad says he knows he might micromanage his people, but he says the end product, an incredibly clean car, requires attention to detail and diligence in all the finer points.  If indeed he’s on top of every aspect of the cleaning projects the staff doesn’t seem to mind, they are happy being a part of the beautification process.  “It’s almost immediate gratification,” says one of his long term employees.  Bob Wassell a 23 year veteran of Haddad Auto Detailing says he likes his job and likes to see the look on their face when the happy customers pick up their finished automobile.  Mona McCarthy, the friendly voice you hear when you call the office, says Wayne cares about his work and his people.  She’s been there for four years and her office companion Carol, has been doing a number of different tasks around the offices, including bookkeeping and customer service,  for more than 10 years now.   Out in the extremely clean bays you see a number of other workers washing cars, cleaning upholstery and seats, washing rugs, buffing out light scratches and dents, all intent on their jobs under the careful tutelage and watchful eye of Wayne himself.

This reporter spoke with the owner of a pretty white 1957 MGA that was sitting up on the lift being lovingly appreciated and cleaned in readiness for it’s new owner, his daughter.  Peter, a prominent local attorney says he takes all his vehicles to Haddad for care and is “still impressed with the results each time I have a car serviced here.” 

Wayne says that many people have the perception that detailing your car is expensive and wonder how necessary it is.  “Not so,” he says ”We have a complete line of services that fit all needs and budgets, from a simple window cleaning to a full exterior and interior deep cleaning reconditioning service. When you come in for service you will be given an exact estimate of the cost and the job is tailored to exactly what you want.”  And for those customers who can’t come in, there is a fully self contained mobile service vehicle that will come to your place of business and handle all your car cleaning and restoring needs.

Wayne says he has a very wide customer base and many are repeat customers he’s had for many many years.  “Looks fabulous! It makes my car look like it just drove out of the showroom.”  “It’s exceptional service, a standard for what service should be.”  “It’s really good work.” These were comments some of the customers made when they saw this reporter doing an interview at the shop.

The website has a list of the commonly requested services and prices  for your convenience, but a quick call can assure you that they can take care of whatever your problem is.  With the exception of milk, they virtually guarantee stain removal from all surfaces and if you have an emergency stain, like throw up or dog and kid accidents, they will help you out right away.

One might ask why would I need a professional cleaner to do my car, or boat, or bike or plane? Wayne loves the dental analogy and says it’s like brushing your own teeth and then having the dental hygienist do it periodically to get rid of all the deep dirt and places you can’t reach.  It’s like having that squeaky clean feeling for your car. 

Customers say they like to come in regularly to keep the car looking good whether it’s new from the showroom or if it’s ten years old.  Sometimes new customers come when they have a crisis, love the results and become regulars.  Why wait until you are selling the car to make it look good, Wayne says, “Why not enjoy the feeling of a clean car yourself.”  But professionally cleaning a car before you sell it increases it’s value considerably.  It makes it look cared for and sends a positive message to the potential buyer.  You might also consider bringing your car in when you’ve just purchased a previously owned car.  “You can make it feel like your own.”

Weddings, driving the boss, meeting the parents, proms, funerals, paintless dent repair, hail damage, mouse nest removal, windshield replacement and more, all good reasons to come and check out Haddad Auto Detail.

Wayne says he feels like a magician sometimes and he can, “Make your car with 200,000miles on it, look like new!”

Haddad Auto Detail 465 Harding St. Worcester, MA 508 755-5250