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Harrington Announces First In Region Implantation of Miniature Cardiac Monitor

SOUTHBRIDGE -- Harrington Hospital is the first in the region to participate in the implantation of a small minimally invasive heart monitoring device in patients, Harrington HealthCare System announced today.

The miniature Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System, the Reveal LINQ ICM, the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring system available at about one-third the size of a small AAA battery, allows physicians to remotely monitor patients’ hearts for abnormal rhythms.

Dr. John Tumolo, Medical Director of the Harrington Cardiology Department, initiated and developed this service at Harrington and has implanted several of the miniature devices recently.

“This device is revolutionary,” Dr. Tumolo said. “It is minimally invasive, does not limit the patient from participating in daily activities, and is more than 80 percent smaller than previous ICMs.”

The Reveal LINQ is part of a powerful system that allows physicians to continuously and wirelessly monitor a patient’s heart for up to three years, with 20 percent more data memory than its larger predecessor, Reveal XT. The system provides remote monitoring in the Carelink Network, through which physicians can request notifications to alert them if their patients have had cardiac events.

“The monitor is placed just beneath the skin through a tiny incision in the upper left side of the chest. Once placed, it is barely visible and can help patients find answers to problems that may be heart-related without interrupting their lifestyle,” Dr. Tumolo said.

The Harrington Cardiology Department and Harrington Hospital are part of Harrington HealthCare System (, a regional healthcare system providing TLC – Total Local Care – to South Central Massachusetts from a number of major medical office buildings and physician offices.