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Harrington launches portal

SOUTHBRIDGE -- Harrington HealthCare System has launched a patient portal that will allow patients to review their medical summary, including latest test results, their allergy list, and medication information online.

The Harrington Hospital Patient Portal, using FollowMyHealth, is available to patients through the Harrington Hospital website ( or by going to

Patients who go to Harrington Hospital, use its outpatient clinical services (such as Laboratory Services or Diagnostic Imaging) or see physicians participating in the program, will be able to use the safe, secure and completely confidential portal anywhere they have internet access, any time of the day or night.

To learn more about FollowMyHealth, and to register to use it, please go to or call 508-765-3160.

Patients can access the patient portal from home or from their mobile devices once they have registered for an account and established a secure username and password.

“We are interested in keeping our patients informed about their health in the most efficient and up-to-date manner,” said Harrington HealthCare System President and CEO Edward H. Moore. “Our Patient Portal, through FollowMyHealth, is just another way in which we provide our trademark TLC -- Total Local Care -- to our patients.”

 “FollowMyHealth doesn’t replace personal contact with physicians or caregivers; it supplements it,” said Harry Lemieux, Harrington’s Chief Information Officer. “Patients can access their health information anywhere they have an internet connection.”