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Hats for Hope

The Fall chill is setting in and the Winter cold will be biting at our fingers and ears before long.  This time of year is particularly hard for those without shelter or struggling to provide their families with warm clothing.  Contribute to your local Hats for Hope organization and provide some relief to Massachusetts residents in need.

Beth’s Hats for Hope is a chapter of Emily’s Hats for Hope, started by a high school student from New Jersey in 2012 with the mission to make and collect winter hats, scarves, mittens and blankets for the homeless and working poor.

Last Winter, through the generosity of local knitters, Beth’s Hats for Hope was able to continuously donate to six outreach facilities across Massachusetts.  This year we aim to continue our strong relationships in these communities and extend our reach with more contributions. 

Please visit the facebook page Beth's Hats for Hope.