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Jube’s starts a new chapter with return of Josh Joubert

By Rod Lee

Josh Joubert is living in the best of two worlds right now and he couldn’t be happier.

Until recently, Mr. Joubert was working as one of two sous chefs under the tutelage of Executive Chef Anthony Joseph at Brickstone Kitchen on the Worcester-Providence Turnpike (Rt. 146S) in Sutton.

Then came the chance for a return to Jube’s, the Joubert family’s restaurant at 1227 Providence Road in Whitinsville. He would be coming back as co-owner of the establishment with his dad, Richard Joubert.

Describing Brickstone Kitchen’s Mr. Joseph as “an amazing guy,” Mr. Joubert was surprised when the opportunity arose for a reconnection with Jube’s.

“It was hard to leave Brickstone. I thought that was going to be my last job,” Mr. Joubert, who is thirty-seven years old, said the afternoon of January 28 while preparing his staff for the grand reopening of Jube’s.

Brickstone Kitchen, he noted, has attracted a good following and will mark two years in business in August. He is pleased to have been associated with its success.

Just after four o’clock on the 28th, patrons began arriving at Jube’s for dinner, which the reinvented restaurant will be offering in addition to breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Friday. The restaurant was festively decorated with Valentine’s flourishes.

Jube’s will also continue with breakfast and lunch on Saturdays and with breakfast only on Sundays

Turns out, Mr. Joubert hasn’t pulled away from Brickstone completely.

“I will still be working there one day a week,” on Mondays (when Jube’s is closed), he said.

This is an ideal situation. He can still soak up experience at the hands of Mr. Joseph while incorporating some of what he has learned at Brickstone into the menu at Jube’s.

The Jube’s storefront, situated next to the Shaw’s plaza in Whitinsville.

“I’m excited to try something new here,” he said. “Stepping away gave me a fresh perspective. I will be adding Steak Tips, sautéed dishes, a lot more specials, Chicken Piccata, Chicken Marsella, Chicken Ziti with Broccoli, Hand-Breaded Pan-Seared Chicken Parmesan.

“I want to bring some of the dynamic of Brickstone Kitchen here.”

Mr. Joubert’s history with what is now Jube’s goes back to the 1990’s when the restaurant was Lev’s, owned by Bob Leveille.

“My dad purchased it from him in 2002 and I managed it for my dad,” Mr. Joubert said.

Josh Joubert’s wife Paula has worked at Jube’s since 2003, and sister-in-law Tonie waitresses and helps out at the front of the house.

“We are eager and ready to start a new chapter,” Mr. Joubert said.

He is keenly aware that a common refrain from townspeople is that Northbridge doesn’t have enough dining establishments, especially ones featuring dinner.

Asked the next morning how Opening Night went, Mr. Joubert said “not as crazy as I thought it would, but it will catch on. The town has always been supportive.”

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