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Kids’ cancer fundraiser at Erich’s Cutting Edge in Oxford

By Janet Stoica

Donations are slower this year for Erich’s Cutting Edge owner Donna Dion, but she’s hoping that a last-minute appeal for people to come by her shop to take a chance, get a haircut, or make a contribution to the kids cancer fund One Mission of Boston Children’s Hospital will help the cause.

“Business is down, so it’s difficult,” said Ms. Dion, “Maybe if I have a donation box or donate all my haircut sales for a day will make a difference, I don’t know.”  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Dion is unable to hold her annual Buzz Cuts for Cancer event like she’s done for the past two years. She proudly donated over $5,000 during her first event.

“Starting the week of October 26, we’ll have in-house raffle tickets available here in the barbershop,” she said, “and 100% of our donations go directly to the One Mission cancer fund. We’ll have our drawings on Sunday, November 29, and the winners certainly don’t have to be present to win. We hope to have many gift cards from numerous local merchants and gift baskets too.” For every haircut that’s done in the shop, the customer will receive a free raffle ticket.

“The holidays are coming,” said Ms. Dion, “and all of our raffle items will make great holiday gifts. We’re looking forward to having anyone visit our shop to take a chance. You don’t have to come in for a haircut, but you can help kids with cancer.”

The event is held to raise funds for pediatric cancer. The children who stay at Boston Children’s Hospital need activity and quiet rooms as they cope with and hope to be cured of cancer and funds raised are designated for these rooms. Donna was so moved by their stories that she chose to become a part of the fundraiser entitled One Mission. The fundraiser was founded in 2009 by Ashley and Ari Haseotes, inspired by their son’s journey with pediatric cancer. Today, Nicholas is 12-years free of cancer. The Haseotes identified many ways to improve life for patients and families during treatment and hospitalization and that led them to start One Mission, according to their organization’s pamphlet.

Donna participated in the Foxboro fundraising event a few years ago. “We had 23 barbers who gave 700 haircuts in four hours,” she said. “We shaved the heads of men, women, and children. It’s just so emotional listening to the stories of those people who have chosen to be part of this event. Little boys having their heads shaved in honor of their grandparents, others who are there for cousins, brothers, or sisters who have cancer….there was a woman with long hair who donated her locks for a cancer wig. It’s so touching to see people caring about those who need our help.”

If you would like to know more about the event to either offer a raffle donation, buy a raffle ticket, or make any size monetary donation, please contact Donna at Erich’s Cutting Edge Barbershop, 304 Main Street, Oxford. Phone: (508) 987-1870.

Janet can be reached at [email protected]