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Lean, Green and supreme

It must seem like an optical illusion, all of those “Marty Green Properties” for-sale signs in front of or on the sides of buildings throughout the Blackstone Valley—and beyond.

Surely there are those who have asked themselves, in seeing this blitz of red, white and blue advertising placards, “how on earth can one man, one company, seemingly have such a grip on the business of marketing commercial, industrial and residential property?” Not to mention having more than just a big toe stuck in the waters of property management?

Truth is, “Marty Green Properties” is not a single broker/owner but a team that also includes three agents whose focus is on the residential aspect of the operation including house and apartment rentals. That would be Larry DiGregorio (a former Northbridge schoolteacher), Rita Wallen (Mr. Green’s sister) and Melissa Martin (the most recent addition and the daughter of the late Northbridge luminary Spaulding Aldrich).

Together, “Team Green” is winning new clients every day; north to south, east to west.

That is a good thing, considering that Mr. Green and his wife Maura Mahoney are shouldering a hefty financial burden in helping put their two children through college (daughter Sadie is a senior at Bridgewater State, son Jack is a sophomore at Holy Cross).

A Northbridge resident (on Ward’s Lane), a former Northbridge selectman and the onetime president of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Green knew exactly what he wanted to do upon leaving Chamber work in 2005.

“I went out and got my real-estate license,” he told me during a conversation we had at Peg’s Diner on Church St. in Whitinsville on a frigid January morning.

Acquiring the appropriate credentials probably wouldn’t have gotten him to where he is today except for the tutoring he received from industry pros Edward Renaud and Joyce O’Connor.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with two long-term real-estate brokers in Central Massachusetts,” he said. “I’ve been on my own since 2011.”

His goal from the start was “to serve Central Massachusetts.” His reach, as it turns out, extends well beyond the region.

Mr. Green’s philosophy reflects his determination to put the client first, as for instance the policy Marty Green Properties maintains on the residential side. “We don’t use lock boxes,” he told me. “We do showings. We sell properties. When we represent a seller we’re going to represent them. That’s what we get paid for.”

On the commercial side, “we’re not pigs. If we do a twenty-year lease the broker typically gets 20%. We invoice [instead] on a yearly basis. Say it’s Year Two and the tenant has a problem. Why should we get paid? This keeps our relationship with our customer.

“It’s all about service. When I represent a buyer, whether residential or commercial, we don’t sell contracts. We work on a handshake and we look people in the eye. Whether you are a buyer or a seller it’s all about motivation, and secondly what your budget is. We don’t waste people’s time.”

This approach explains why Mr. Green’s company is managing properties not only close to home but farther afield: Wareham; Greenfield; Worcester—for example.

Mr. Green’s handprint is especially conspicuous in Northbridge where he manages leasing for the Linwood Mill and arranged for the sale of the former Aubuchon Hardware building on Church St. to Fisher Auto Parts—for instance. But his eye roves far and wide. Grafton, he said, “is a great community” in which he hopes to make a bigger mark. “It has it all, a tax base that is a good mix, Tufts, CenTech, Wyman-Gordon, a real good school system, house values that are always strong.”

Marty Green Properties already has a solid presence in Grafton.

“With real estate,” he says, “you don’t hit a home run every time.”

His batting average, however, is pretty good.

Rod Lee writes a monthly column for the Yankee Shopper. He is a long-time local writer and observer of the Blackstone Valley business community and current president of the Webster Square Business Association. His most recent book is Nance's Nook, which takes place in Linwood. Email Rod at [email protected].