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The Little Shoppe of Temptations opens in Uxbridge

By Melissa Dumont

Uxbridge has a brand-new antique and gift boutique: The Little Shoppe of Temptations made its debut on September 15. Owner and operator Joanna Robinson of Douglas opened the shop on Quaker Highway with the help and support of her boyfriend Brian, 16-year-old son Ethan, 13-year-old daughter Skyler, and many other friends.

The family-run business specializes in refinishing beautiful, well-made antique and vintage furniture, handmade jewelry, and all sorts of unique gifts. Temptations features local artwork and crafts, in addition to everyday useful items.

Joanna began college with the aim to get a business degree in 2010, finishing in 2014. Somewhere in the midst of that journey, she decided that she would like to be a small business owner, specializing in local art. Combining that idea with a life-long love of antiques provided the seeds for this shop’s creation.

When asked what she likes best about opening a business Joanna said, “I enjoy the creative process involved and love being able to have my family around me while I work.”

Joanna’s sister Jules and daughter Skyler provide backup for all things IT, like making her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and website attractive and keeping them updated. Ethan assists with moving and refinishing furniture.

Little Shop of Temptations, Uxbridge

In addition, Ethan is taking an entrepreneurship class in high school to help with the business, and he intends to be the main procurer of incoming furniture when he gets his license. Joanna’s father Joe paints some of the fabulous artwork in the shop, and her aunt Diane makes handmade wreaths for all seasons that would beautify any home.

Most of the larger items in the shop are purchased from local folks downsizing or moving. Joanna, Brian, and Ethan go around to homes, picking up bureaus, hutches, couches, and other furniture, making friends along the way, more often than not.

Brian has been very supportive of Joanna throughout the entire process of establishing the Temptations shop, making the way clear and providing strength during stressful times. The interior of the shop, which used to be a mini-mart, had to be almost entirely refurbished. The work, which included new flooring, plastering, painting and trim was done by Joanna, Ethan and Brian, and the results are exquisite.

The shop is located at 775 Quaker Highway (Route 146A), in South Uxbridge. Not too far away are Bernat Mill Antiques, the Primitive Goods shop, Stanley Mill Antiques, and others. With the addition of The Little Shoppe of Temptations, Uxbridge is becoming a destination spot for antique shoppers across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Temptations accepts cash, debit, and credit cards. Their website is  You can find it on Facebook under The Little Shoppe of Temptations, on Etsy as Shoppeoftemptations; also on Instagram and Twitter.

They are open Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This upcoming weekend and next, all are invited to come visit the Little Shoppe of Temptations and peruse everything during their “Welcome to our Shoppe” 20%-off sale, running from November 9 to 18.