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Local boy makes good!

If anything is apparent as Blackstone Valley dealerships rev up for Presidents’ Day 2015 it is
that Russ Rosborough of Uxbridge Auto Inc. knows cars like George Washington knew cherry
trees or Abraham Lincoln knew right from wrong.

He also knows what it takes to be a success in a highly competitive industry.

Staying power? Come 2018, Mr. Rosborough will mark forty years serving the region he calls

Inventory? Approximately sixty vehicles in stock; “a fantastic mix of American, Japanese and
European” models according to Uxbridge Auto Sales Professional Joshua Cahill including “the
new-body style Explorer with all-wheel drive and seven-passenger seating, also the four-wheel
and all-wheel drive pre-owned Subaru”—to name two. “Russ does a helluva job buying,” Mr.
Cahill says. “He purchases the cars himself with his own money.” For Presidents’ Day, to
counter the attractive manufacturer rebates the big new-car dealers can offer, Mr. Cahill says,
“we will try to come up with our creative formula for every vehicle we sell in February that is
bought and paid for, like a five years or 100,000-mile warranty.”

Reputation? A five-star rating on Which is why “people who do business with us love
us,” Mr. Cahill says.

Service? One stop for everything from oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups to inspections in
a shop that features nine bays and five lifts plus “the Hawkeye alignment system that is the best
on the market. Russ put a lot of dollars into capital improvements” when he acquired the
business from Nick Dee. “We service everything we sell.”

Personnel? In Bob Brown, Mr. Rosborough boasts a veteran service manager who is a
holdover from the Nick Dee days along with wrench men like Wayne Clarke, Mike Sabatinelli
and Jim Gosselin who, he says, “I am so thankful for. I have a good team back there.” It doesn’t
hurt either that “I’m friends with every mechanic in the Valley,” Mr. Rosborough said. Among
them those who are close by who can be turned to in a pinch, like Steve Bloem in Uxbridge and
Dennis Menard in Linwood.

Out front at Uxbridge Auto the lineup is no less impressive. GM Steve Berube and Josh Cahill
are two of the best in the game.

“Josh, he’s the biggest move I ever made,” Mr. Rosborough said. “You can hire a Bic lighter or
you can hire a flame thrower. I went out on a limb and hired a flame thrower” (Mr. Cahill worked
for Mr. Rosborough for several years before spending a while with “new-car families” and then

“Steve (Berube) has been with me forever (well, about sixteen years). He is the most honest
salesperson in the state, in the world. When he sells a car he wants it to be nicer than the
customer does. He came in once with $600 from a rental customer that was in a pocket that he
could have left there.”

Location? With six full years at 187 N. Main St., Mr. Rosborough lays claim to a perfectly
positioned dealership that is a huge leap forward from the small operation he ran a mile or so up
the road (he actually began his career “at Dirienzo’s place, where the Baptist church is now,” in
’78). “The first year here was very difficult,” he said. “We were in a tough environment. It
progressed slowly. We had time though. We knocked down walls, renovated, spruced up with
new paint. Bob (Brown) came with the place, Nick Dee did too for six months. Nick had to go to
the fuse back to turn the electric on. The problem was a little on/off switch that I hired an
electrician to fix for $75. Nick was amazed. Just a little thing like that. I owe everything to Nick.
He came up to see me and offered me the business. He wanted to lease it to me but I said ‘if
I’m going to do it I’d like to buy it.’ He helped me finance it.”

(Russ’ son Neil Rosborough manages a mostly gasoline and service satellite site in Millville).
Mr. Rosborough has wanted nothing more than to be able “to hold my head high” in the
supermarket, in the restaurant, with customers he sees here and there
He can do so. Like Duke Snider, whose autographed Dodgers jersey hangs in Mr.
Rosborough’s office (“I got it at a golf tournament”), he has hit it out of the park time after time.
Rod Lee is a long-time local writer and observer of the Blackstone Valley scene and current
president of the Webster Square Business Association in Worcester. His most recent book is
Nance’s Nook, a comic tale based on life at a small convenience store in Linwood. Email him at
[email protected].